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Board of Directors Agenda


Lompoc Valley Medical Center

Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

March 29, 2012

4:30 p.m. (Board Room)


 Note: The acronym “I/D/A” next to an agenda item will indicate whether or not the item is a subject for information, discussion, action, or any combination of those options.


Call to Order   I/D/A

Roll Call     I/D/A

Public Communications   I/D/A

Comment on any non-agenda item of interest to the public that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board of Directors.  (The public is welcome to comment – limited to three minutes on any agenda item during the Board of Directors’ consideration of the agenda item.)


Consent Agenda   I/D/A 

Approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes – February 23, 2012    I/D/A

Approval of Special Board Meeting Minutes – February 23, 2012    I/D/A

Acceptance of Committee Meeting Minutes

Building & Planning – February 9, 2012

Personnel Committee – February 21, 2012

Finance Committee – February 22, 2012


Departmental Annual Quality Improvement Reports  I/D/A

Materials Management

Nursing Administration


Annual Approval of Policy & Procedures Manuals  I/D/A

Materials Management

Nursing Administration


Old Business

Board’s Request for EmCare Representative to Address the Board  I/D/A

Regarding Non-Participating Provider Billing

At the October 27, 2011 meeting, the Board requested validation from

Emcare that Blue Cross/Blue Shield negotiations were successful.

I met with Emcare representatives Steve Schaerrer, Emcare Client Administrator & Yolanda Marrs on 3/21/12. The contracting issue was discussed and Mr. Schaerrer mentioned the hold-up is due to the Flower Valley Physicians needing to obtain a fictitious business name in order to complete contracting with Blue Cross.


New Business- None


Reports to the Board


Chief of Staff, Medical Staff Credentials – Medical Executive Committee  I/D/A

Recommend Approval of Requests for Reappointment  I/D/A

Silvia G. Corral, M.D. – Family Medicine

Douglas B. Malcolm, M.D. – Emergency Medicine

Faridi G. Sherieff, D.P.M. – Podiatry

Thomas A. Van Meter, M.D. – Dermatology


Recommend Approval of Requests for Appointment to Provisional      I/D/A


CharlesJ. Curatalo, M.D. – Neurology/Sleep Medicine

(FPPE-Proctor:  Philip Ente, M.D.)

William J. Pierce, M.D. – General Surgery

(FPPE-ProctorBandhit Sinkaset, M.D.)


Recommend Approval of Requests for Temporary Privileges    I/D/A

Diana Guza-Wells, M.D. – Internal Medicine (Sansum)

(FPPE-Proctor:  Brian Taber, M.D.) (3/17/12 - 3/23/12)

William J. Pierce, M.D. – General Surgery (VMG)

(FPPE-ProctorBandhit Sinkaset, M.D.) (3/16/12 - 3/30/12)


Medical Staff Resignation      I/D/A

John Rockwell, Jr., M.D. (As of 3/31/12.)


Medical Staff Pre-Application Questionnaire Requested    I/D/A

Peter W. Davis, M.D. – General Surgery


Allied Health Professional (AHP) Credentials – Recommendation from  I/D/A

the Interdisciplinary Practice and Medical Executive Committees



Chief Executive Officer Report (See Attached)  I/D/A

Comprehensive Care  Center 

Remodel Update  

Matt Neil – Accepted Offer

AllScripts – Update

Medical Staff (EMR)

Physician Recruitment


General Surgeon

Old Hospital Remodel

Champions’ Center

Radiation Oncology Center Update 

District Hospital Leadership Forum

Executive Committee Washington, DC Trip 3/14/12

Certified Public Expenditures (CPEs)

Letters to Assembly Member Monning re. AB2096 v Perez &

Senator Hernandez re.SB1081 Fuller

United Healthcare (TPA for Tricare)

IGT – Paperwork Processed


Chief Operating Officer   I/D/A

Infusion Services

Old Hospital– Records Storage

Director, Perinatal Services


Prime Directive


Total Rounding

Automated Dispensing Machines


Comprehensive Care Center Report   I/D/A

See CEO Report.


Chief Financial Officer Monthly Report (See Attached)   I/D/A


Committee Reports

Chair, Finance Committee

Recommend Approval of the Pre-Audit Financial Reports for Fiscal    I/D/A

      Period Ended February 29, 2012.


Chair, Building & Planning Committee    I/D/A

No recommendations forwarded.


Chair, Personnel Committee   I/D/A

Recommend Approval of One (1) Request for Tuition Assistance   I/D/A


Directors’ Forum    I/D/A


District Foundation   I/D/A


Legal Counsel   I/D/A


Closed Session   I/D/A

The Board shall meet in closed session in accordance with Government           

Code Section 54956.9(b)(1) to confer with legal counsel regarding pending 

litigation, because a point has been reached where, in the opinion of its legal

counsel, based on existing facts and circumstances, there is significant

exposure to litigation against Lompoc Valley Medical Center.


Open Session

The Board of Directors shall meet in open session to announce any action    I/D/A

taken in closed session.


Adjournment      I/D/A




Date Posted:  March 26, 2012

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