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Support Departments


The Environmental Services Department is committed to providing patients, staff, physicians, and visitors with a clean and comfortable environment. Environmental Services provides support services to all departments throughout the hospital. EVS contributions range from cleaning patient rooms and ancillary areas to coordinating room setups, pest control, shredding of confidential documents, stocking areas with soap and paper products, disbursement of clean linen, removal of trash, biohazardous waste, and soiled linen. The EVS Management Team is dedicated to meeting each opportunity in a prompt and efficient manner.

EVS is also our Green Coordinator.

Green Tip of the Month

Every month Environmental Services puts out a new Go Green Tip to help promote more environmentally friendly practices.

Contact Information

Telephone: 737-5739

Mission Statement

Nursing Administration is a team of skilled professional nurse leaders and an administrative secretary that oversees compassionate, cost effective service for patients and families and provides appropriate support to nursing staff, physicians and other departments.

Scope of Service

The Nursing Department services basic medical & surgical patients of all ages as inpatients, outpatients, or observations patients. Nursing assesses patient care needs utilizing a practice model, which encompasses the mind, body, and spirit into a total caring attitude and is the link between service and knowledge, practice and process and between the environment and technology. Each nursing unit uses the standards of care developed by the professional society for that specialty. When the services provided cannot meet patient needs, nursing prepares, supports, & whenever necessary, accompanies patients to the appropriate care setting.

Nursing care is provided 24 hours/day, 365 days/year for all nursing departments. If a department is closed because there are no patients, either float staff, department directors of the nursing supervisor provide patient care until staff arrives.

Staffing is done by acuity where census is sufficient for patient classification use and it is not legislated by Title 22.

The procedure manual used is the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, 6th edition. A combined Nursing Policy & Procedure Manual exists for issues and procedures unique to the facility. Each nursing department with the exception of the Med/Surg unit also has a manual specific to the unit. The Director of Nursing, Nursing Unit Directors, nursing staff the medical staff where appropriate, and the Board of Directors review all manuals and standards annually.

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737- 3371

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Incorporates: Utilization Management/Case Management/Social Services Department

Mission Statement

The Mission of the UM/CM/SS Department is to assist patients and families with their physicians and hospital staff to direct care to an appropriate level for their clinical needs, and to assure reimbursement for that care by payers; to coordinate services necessary post-discharge integrating the psycho socioeconomic factors influencing continuity of care; and to province patient advocacy in a compassionate manner.

Scope of Service

Services are available for all patients and their families: assessment within 24 hours of admission and 48 hours for weekend admits for socioeconomic problems arising out of the patient's illness and a discharge plan of care. Appropriate referrals are made to community resources. The assessment (with patient and family involved), individualized plan for short and long-term goals, and referrals will be documented in the patient's medical record in the progress note section for all involved physicians and staff to access the plan.

Office Hours

The services are provided Monday - Friday, 8:00 to 4:30 and on-call 24/7. NASW, JCAHO are recognized standards for care and compliance with Title XXII are followed. There is participation in the Bioethics Committee and based upon daily, concurrent review of patient's care, a weekly Care Conference is conducted for outliers, aberrancies and quality of care issues. The department reports to the CEO administratively and the Quality of Care

Case Management Useful Links

Contact Information

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Remote Access

For all physicians who wish to access Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC) hosted patient health information while offsite, please use LVMC "Physician Connect”. Support and office staff will need to use LVMC "Clinician Portal".

Access will be granted once all of the appropriate forms (available below) are filled-out and returned. I

If an account remains inactive for more than 90 days, it will be deactivated. In order to restore access, the user must contact the Information Systems department to request re-activation.

Fill out these forms:

Return your compelted forms To:

Information Systems
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: (805) 737-5700
Phone: (805) 737-5751

Breast Density Law

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB1538 requiring health facilities performing mammography examinations, such as Lompoc Valley Medical Center, that identify patients having heterogeneously dense breasts or extremely dense breasts, based on the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System established by the American College of Radiology, to include such existence of heterogeneously dense breasts in the summary of the written report that is sent to the patient.

The State of California Legislature has recently passed but not funded a law mandating that radiologists must report to the patient her breast density in the patient lay letter and that increased density could increase the patients risk for breast Cancer. To find out more click the link below:

Santa Barbara Breast Care Alliance Letter about Breast Density.

Medical Staff Services

For all medical staff activities including credentialing applicants for initial and reappointment; distributing information regarding membership and privileges to appropriate departments; preparing committee agendas and packets; and recording meeting minutes.

Office hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
Phone: (805) 737-3303
Fax: (805) 737-3326
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medical Staff Resources

Bylaws & Rules & Regulations PDF Versions

Mission Statement

The Health Information Management Department is the caretaker of medical records. They collect all medical information into a chart and disperse patient information as needed to all other departments within the hospital and as necessary to outside agencies, while maintaining confidentiality and security of all our medical records.

Scope of Service

The HIM Department is responsible for all requests of all patient's care needs by making the medical record information easily assessable to all other departments and clinicians at all times and to the patient's when records are requested for follow-up care of their treatment.

The scope and complexity of patient's care needs met by this department include the transcribing of the Physicians dictation and the availability and access of the patients record for continuity of care. The appropriateness, clinical necessity, and timeliness of support services is provided by or through the HIM department by the HIM Director, coders, analyst, transcriptions, and clerks.

Normal staffing hours in the HIM department is available during the hours of 6:30 am - 8pm Monday - Friday and weekend coverage 7am - 4:30pm. After hours the house supervisor handles the coverage for the HIM Department, and if needed the HIM beeper or home phone can reach Director.

The level of care or services provided by the HIM department meets the patient's needs by the accessibility of the medical record information.

The standard and or practice guidelines utilized by the HIM department include the following: the HIM Policy and Procedure Manual, CHA Consent Manual, Health Information Manual, JCAHO and Title22 Standards, and the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws of the Medical Staff.

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737- 3330

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Here at Lompoc Valley Medical Center, we offer a variety of challenging career opportunities to individuals interested in providing health care to friends, neighbors and visitors to our community. This work is a big responsibility, and therefore LVMC applies much care and thought into the process of acquiring its most important asset, our employees.

To successfully maintain operations, LVMC utilizes a wide variety of employment classifications, including Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Respiratory Therapist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant, Transcriptionist, Food Service Worker, Radiologic Technologist, Insurance Biller, Environmental Services Technician and Maintenance Worker.

Each of these classifications has unique requirements for education, training, skill level, knowledge, and ability. To see a summary job description for many of these positions please go to the Employment page.

In addition to the job listings, information regarding current District openings is available by calling the Human Resources office at (805) 737-5705, or by e-mail to Human Resources Staff.

Competitive Compensation

In order to recruit and retain the well qualified employees that make up "Our Team," LVMC maintains a wage structure that is highly competitive with like employers in the Santa Barbara County area.  In addition, LVMC offers a generous benefit package including:

  • Health and Dental coverage for employees in qualifying positions and their dependents.  LVMC pays a majority of the premium cost.
  • A life insurance plan with coverage of one and one half the employee's annual earnings paid for by LVMC after one year of qualifying employment.
  • A separate Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy is available at the employee's cost.
  • An IRC457 Deferred Earnings Salary Accumulation Plan, which allows qualified employees to set aside retirement savings. The funds set aside are pre-tax dollars and therefore reduce the amount of current income subject to taxation.  After four years of qualified employment LVMC will match an employee's contribution up to 4% of his or her salary. Participation is voluntary.

    Annual Leave of up to 34 days, depending upon length of service.  Annual Leave provides employees with maximum flexibility for personal sick, family sick, emergency, holiday and vacation needs.  In addition, accumulated Annual Leave may be carried over up to 640 hours, or converted to cash.

    Relocation assistance for those hired into qualified positions.

    Tuition assistance program which provides between $350.00 and $6,000.00, depending upon the program an employee is enrolled in, to employees pursuing degrees and/or certification in clinical areas.

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737-5705

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The Information Systems Department is a department of the Lompoc Valley Medical Center, providing a wide variety of technical and support services to employees and directors at the Acute Hospital and Comprehensive Care Center. The department's office is located adjacent to the Acute hospital at 223 South C Street, Lompoc California. The office is open five (5) days a week, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The Chief Information Officer and supporting staff are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year, via the help desk call center.

The purpose of the department is to assist managers and staff in the selection of computer hardware and software; facilitate the education of employees in using new equipment/programs; maintain all computers and networks within the District; and maintain other communications equipment including the telephone and voice‑mail systems.

Director: Jim White, CIO

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737-5756

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Mission Statement

The Facilities Engineering Department maintains all District buildings and areas, its systems, and all medical equipment in an acceptable manner that supports the life and safety of the patients and personnel and is in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Scope of Service

The Facilities Engineering Department serves patients and staff of the Lompoc Healthcare District. By maintaining buildings and areas, systems and all medical equipment in an acceptable manor, their needs are met. The scope and complexity of needs met by this department include maintaining all structures as well as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and plumbing systems. The appropriateness and timeliness of support services provided by or through our department are prioritized based on patient care urgency and staff effectiveness.

Staffing in the department is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM with staff on call all after hours, weekends and holidays. The level of services provided by the department meets the needs of those we serve by ensuring the operational status of all essential equipment and facilities. The standards and/or practice guidelines that our department utilizes include: JCAHO, OSHA, and Prescribed Codes for structures, electrical safety, & medical gasses utilized.

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737- 3393

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The Quality Improvement Department is available to all departments of the Lompoc Valley Medical Center. We assess the needs of the patients and our staff by continuous monitoring of quality improvement efforts. The scope and complexity of the needs met by this department include addressing and reducing risks for our patients/residents and staff; assisting with the Physician Peer Review process; tracking quality improvement efforts of the medical staff and the departments of the acute and long-term care facilities; evaluating overall patient satisfaction; and reporting findings to the Board of Directors. The support services provided by and through our department are prioritized and addressed in a timely manner. Staffing in the department consists of a full time Director, one full time QI Data Analyst, a Quality Improvement RN 32 hours/week and an Infection Control Nurse 8 hours per week. The hours of the department are from 7:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. The Director is available by cell phone for risk management issues after-hours. For standards and practice guidelines, we use the Lompoc Healthcare District's policy and procedure manuals, The Joint Commission Manual, Title 22, OSHA guidelines, Medical Staff By-Laws and Rules & Regulations, CHA Consent Manual, and Program BETA for risk management issues.

Director: Linda Everly, RN BSN MHA CPHQ

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737-3358

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Lompoc Healthcare District's Dietary Department is to offer appetizing, nutritious foods, efficiently prepared & served under sanitary conditions & at appropriate temperatures. Emphasis is placed on accommodating patient/resident likes and dislikes while taking their special dietary needs & cultural backgrounds into consideration.

Scope of Service

The District Dietary Department provides food service to all patients, residents, staff and visitors at LHD. Patient/ Resident nutritional needs are assessed by visitation from Dietary Aides/Dietary Supervisor, and/or by the R.D.

The scope and complexity of Patient/Resident care needs which are provided by the R.D. include complete nutritional assessment including B.E.E., optimal caloric intake, fluid needs, and nutritional implications of selected laboratory tests. Staffing in the Dietary Department is available 5:30 am to 7:30 pm at the acute, and 5:30 am to 9:00 pm at the CCC.

After hours prepared food is available to staff. The level of care or services provided by this department meet our patient/resident needs by complying with nutritional and departmental policies.

Standards and practice guidelines utilized by the department include safety, sanitation & infection control, preventative maintenance, Title 22 regulations, JCAHO guidelines, HCFA/OBRA regulations, the ADA Manual of Clinical Dietetics ? Fourth Edition (Acute), and Nutritional Therapy Diet Manual for Long-term Care Facilities Healthcare Management Composite (CCC).

The Hickory Street Cafe also offers on and off premise catering. From B.B.Q.s to gourmet sit down dinners to cakes professionally decorated for every occasion!

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 737-3341

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