Lompoc Valley Medical Center

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Elizabeth Linneman

If anyone needs to know the moods, or likes and dislikes, of the Comprehensive Care Center (CCC)’s residents, Elizabeth Linneman is the person with the information.

Jackie Melone

A one-time Red Cross volunteer, Jackie Melone was eager to help at the new Lompoc hospital when it opened eight years ago. “I thought it was a wonderful thing to do,” she said. “I like to give back to the community. They needed volunteers. I’ve enjoyed it ever since.”


Though many people complain about the feeling of being “as stuffed as a turkey,” overeating isn’t likely to land you in the Emergency Department on Thanksgiving. It’s more likely you could end up needing medical care for a common accident such as slicing your finger while carving the turkey, or burning your hand while pouring gravy.