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couple making a healthcare decision

It’s something most of us would prefer not to think about. We seem to plan so many aspects of our lives, yet when it comes to health care decision making and end-of-life decisions, we would rather avoid the issue. Few people take a proactive approach to their medical decision-making -- perhaps because getting sick is a fear for many of us, and ignoring such a thought makes it feel less likely to happen. Whatever the reason, as a medical social worker, I find that more patients don’t have an Advanced Directive than do.

Breast Feeding Mother

Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC) is now offering an Outpatient Lactation Service available to all breastfeeding mothers. Appointments may be made at Lompoc Valley Medical Center:Hospital, 1515 E. Ocean Ave. The service, by appointment, is available to all breastfeeding mothers, regardless of where the baby was delivered.

 Dr. Lloyd Trujillo

Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Lloyd Trujillo, MD is returning to Lompoc in June and will join OBGYN Dr. Rodney Huss, MD in treating patients at Lompoc Valley Medical Center: Physician Services, 136 N Third St.