CCC King and Queen

Residents and staff members of the Lompoc Comprehensive Care Center have nominated Donnie Payne and Connie Terrones as King and Queen of the CCC. 

King Donnie Payne was born in Blanchard, Oklahoma 72 years ago and has lived in Lompoc for the past 13 years.  King Donnie is a horseman and owned his own horses and loves anything to do with horses.  He likes to keep up with his reading by using his Kindle every day.  King Donnie is proud to be this year’s King of the CCC.

Queen Connie Terrones was born in Guadalupe, California 86 years ago and has lived in Lompoc for most of her life.  Queen Connie is an expert seamstress who also loves to dance.  Queen Connie is proud to be this year’s Queen of the CCC.

About the Author

Author: Sean Buck, CCC Activities Director

Sean Buck has been Activity Director for the Comprehensive Care Center since 2015. He started his employment with LVMC in 2013, working in the dietary department of the CCC. Sean studied at the University Of New Mexico in Albuquerque and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 2009. Sean also completed an Activity Leadership Training certificate required by the State of California to work as an Activity Professional in a skilled nursing facility.

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