“We want patients to have access at home to their lab work and diagnostic results,” says Registered Nurse Sasha Keller, Medical/Surgical Nurse Manager at LVMC. ”They can pull up the results at home and become active participants in their care.”
Lompoc Valley Medical Center’s Patient Portal Specialist will assist with the registration.

“The Patient Portal Specialist will support and assist the patient through the registration process,” Keller says.

MyHealth also allows a person to access information for family members, or individuals for whom they provide care, if permission is given. Information may be downloaded as well.

Patients registering will need to create a username and password, and also provide a birth date and email address. A confirmation email will be sent, with a verification link and security code.

Patient information from Jan. 9, 2012 to the present is available on Patient Portal.
Lompoc Valley Medical Center is committed to protecting the privacy of its patients and all email addresses remain confidential.

Jeremy Farnum
Written By Jeremy Farnum
Jeremy works for Lompoc Valley Medical Center.