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Getting struck by cupid can trigger an undeniable heart flutter, but that’s not the only heart condition that should be recognized this February. February also represents American Heart Month, a health holiday that is dedicated to raising awareness about the glaring public health threat posed by heart disease, otherwise known as cardiovascular disease.

Read on to learn more about  heart disease and how to shine the spotlight on your own heart health this month.

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On February 14th this year, do more than eat a box of chocolates: Showcase your love of life by observing the 23rd annual National Donor Day. This important health holiday exists to raise awareness about organ donation, a process that is absolutely critical for the well-being of the nearly 114,000 people in the United States who are currently on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant.

Read on to learn more about organ donation and why it is important.

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February 1st-7th is African Heritage & Health Week and the first week of Black History Month. African Heritage & Health Week is the ideal time to learn more about your heritage. This week also offers a great opportunity to take a closer look at your health. Taking steps to protect your health helps your family and your community flourish.

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January is  National Birth Defects Prevention Month. While not every birth defect is preventable,  routine prenatal care can help keep your baby healthy.

Your obstetrician can determine whether your child is at risk of birth defects. He or she can also recommend lifestyle changes that support a healthy pregnancy.

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January is Cervical Health Awareness Month and an ideal time to schedule your next women's wellness exam. During your exam, your provider can perform valuable cervical cancer screenings, including a Pap smear.

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Maybe Aunt Edna’s fattening cranberry dessert is your downfall, or mashed potatoes piled with butter and salt. Maybe you’re in a family where there’s not just a turkey on the table, but also a ham or other main dishes.


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While millions of people are aware of their diagnosis, millions more may have COPD and not know the name of their medical issue. COPD is a serious lung disease that makes it hard to breathe.

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The A1C blood test provides information about average levels of blood sugar and can be used to diagnose certain types of diabetes.

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Some medical imaging tests can involve exposure to ionizing radiation, and patients should know the risks.


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The medical field has made substantial investments in developing new, ground-breaking pharmaceuticals designed to support those on a path to health and wellness. Though, a one-dimensional emphasis on external sources of therapeutic help doesn’t take into consideration one of the most powerful tools available. 

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For several months, news has spread of a previously undocumented illness that physicians are linking to the use of e-cigarettes or vaping.

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Every two minutes in the United States, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the most common cancer in women other than skin cancer. The good news is that since about 1990, the chances of surviving breast cancer are continuing to improve, probably due to early detection, increased awareness and improved treatment techniques.


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Nursing a newborn is a labor of love, one that requires a mother’s body to produce a wholesome, fully nourishing and protective substance called breast milk. 

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A hernia is when something bulges through a space that should not exist. The confusing thing is that there are MANY types of hernias and not all hernias cause problems for patients.

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Most people hearing the term “TBI,” or Traumatic Brain Injury, may automatically assume the cause is a catastrophic car collision, or perhaps a fall from a ladder.