Environmental Services Team Honored with National Award

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The vital and hard work of our Environmental Services team was recognized this week by a national distributor of medical supplies. 

The recognition comes during Environmental Services Week. 


The vital and hard work of our Environmental Services team was recognized this week by a national distributor of medical supplies. 

The recognition comes during Environmental Services Week. 

LVMC’s crew won third place in Medline’s inaugural “EVS Super Stars VIPs of Clean” contest. Medline is the largest privately-held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and is used by LVMC. The company noted that although EVS workers aren’t clinicians dealing with the day-to-day medical care of COVID patients, they do play a vital role in delivering high-quality care. 
There were more than 100 nominations for the award submitted across the county. According to the company, each entry highlighted the ways in which EVS teams are boosting their facility’s morale, implementing new procedures, and expanding training as the “frontlines of defense against pathogens.” 

LVMC’s team was chosen for its ability “to streamline efficiency to drive excellence in EVS.” 

EVS staff at work

“Now more than ever, it is important to recognize the unsung heroes of EVS who work tirelessly in facilities across the country to put the patient or resident at the center of all they do,” says Tracey Stewart, a sales specialist who spent more than a decade developing results-driven EVS programs prior to working at Medline. “Medline is proud to honor these facilities and applaud EVS teams everywhere for the essential work they do.” 

The First Place winner of the Super Stars VIPs contest was Meadowbrook Manor in Naperville, Illinois. It received the top honor for “its ability to keep staff engaged and enthusiastic about making infection prevention a top priority. Additionally, nominators noted how teams across the facility create close bonds with residents and know everyone by name.” 

Earning second-place honors is Mercy Health-St. Rita’s in Lima, Ohio. Its team works “to ensure patients understand they are there to help make patient stays as comfortable as possible. In one instance, the team purchased a birthday cake for a patient’s spouse so they could celebrate.” 

Deanna Hall, LVMC’s Director of Environmental Services, calls her employees “the behind-the-scenes heroes protecting our physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, patients and employees,” by stopping the spread of infectious disease during the global pandemic.  

She continually builds up her staff and advocates for them with leadership, ensuring they are fully outfitted with the best personal protective equipment (PPE) and have the equipment they need to do the job. 

Deanna instituted a “terminal clean” for every single patient discharge, a procedure few hospitals are mandating. Her EVS technicians must thoroughly clean every treatment/patient room from the ceiling to the floor, including baseboards and curtains. Beds are broken down and mattresses are cleaned on both sides, all other equipment in the room is disinfected as well as the bathroom. The room dividing curtains are removed for each terminal clean and replaced with a fresh curtain; most other hospitals only clean the curtains quarterly. 

EVS staff is responsible not only for the acute hospital, but a skilled nursing facility, a Hematology-Oncology office, primary care clinics, a Sleep Lab, offsite Laboratory and Imaging, a Counseling Center, and more. 

Deanna boosts her staff continually by encouraging their advancement in life through education and achieving citizenship. The cleanliness of LVMC continually gets the highest marks in patient satisfaction scores. 

The entire staff of LVMC is proud of the work of the Environmental Services team! 

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