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Community Connection: Winter 2017

Community Connection: Winter, 2017

Read about LVMC's new partnership with Valley Medical Group. Discover our new Solar Power initiative. Find out about our renovation of the Comprehensive Care Center.

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Members of the Lompoc Hospital Foundation are actively raising money to help give the 110-bed Comprehensive Care Center a major makeover. The foundation, now more than a year into its capital campaign, has raised approximately $500,000 toward the much-anticipated renovation project. Foundation President Alice Milligan is reaching out into the community to urge donations to the $2 million campaign, noting that most of the rooms have not been remodeled since the building opened more than 40 years ago.

ccc staff in front of Comprehensive Care Center

About a dozen Comprehensive Care Center employees have a funny nickname for themselves: Boomerangs. It’s not because of some affinity for the rotating hunting tool often associated with Australia. Instead, It’s a term of endearment, bestowed upon the staff who have worked for months or years at the CCC skilled nursing facility and left for some time before being lured back. They came back for a number of reasons — better hours, closer to family, career advancement. But one reason unites them all: they simply love working at the CCC.

nurses rounding patient beds

On weekdays at LVMC, a small cluster of key staff responsible for patient care walk into every patient’s room in the Medical Surgical, Critical Care and at times the Alternative Birthing units.

Led by each patient’s primary nurse, the group circles the patient’s bed with a specific purpose. This effort is known as Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounding, or SIBR, and has been a practice since last October.

staff at VMG

Last summer, Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC) created a partnership with Valley Medical Group (VMG) to purchase the building at 136 N. Third St. in order to facilitate the formation of a hospital- based clinic on the property.

But not more than 56 years ago, three physicians united together to form the VMG partnership with the purpose of conducting “the practice of medicine and surgery” in Lompoc.

The partnership, formed Jan. 1, 1961, was between Drs. William Gausman Jr., Eldon Elam and James Warrick. Eventually, their practice became known as Valley Medical Group of Lompoc Inc., or VMG. Later, Drs. Barry Coughlin and Edward Wallace joined the group.

Staff Educator, Melinda DeHoyos

In-service days, staff development and better orientation training for new nurses are some of the ways LVMC’s new nurse educator is making an impact. I'm Melinda DeHoyos, and my 20-hour a week position combines my clinical background with a desire to teach and expand the education of the nursing staff. I keep nurses up-to-date with the most relevant Evidence-Based Practice information – in order to provide safe, effective care.

Staff of Imaging Center

A new device in LVMC’s Diagnostic Imaging Department offers patients access to three-dimensional imaging technology for mammograms. The GE SenoClaire breast tomosynthesis machine provides improved accuracy in finding the shape, size, and location of any irregularities in the breast.

Using low-dose, short X-ray sweeps around a compressed breast with only nine exposures, the FDA- approved technology uses a special method that removes motion from the imaging tube, helping to reduce blur and increase image sharpness.

Jim Raggio, CEO

LVMC’s Vision Statement reads: “Lompoc Valley Medical Center, in collaboration with physicians, caregivers, and the community, is recognized as a leader in a coordinated healthcare delivery system through the provision of superior quality services in a healing environment. We plan for and act to produce an ever-improving healthy future for those whom we serve.”