Safety Officer Appreciation Day

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Healthcare Security and Safety Week celebrates the role of healthcare security and safety professionals in serving healthcare facilities, personnel, patients and visitors.

The theme for Healthcare Security and Safety Week 2017 is "Fostering Safe Healthcare Environments."

Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC)’s Safety Officer, Edwin Braxton, was appointed to the role last month by CEO Jim Raggio. Braxton is LVMC’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

The Safety Officer has the overall responsibility for overseeing LVMC’s safety program and works collaboratively with members of the Core Safety Committee to ensure that all of LVMC’s safety and security policies are followed. The safety program covers a wide range of issues, including disaster preparedness, safety training, and regulatory compliance and ensuring that LVMC provides a healthy and safe clinical and work environment.

Prior to joining LVMC in 2009, Braxton was involved with public safety for 17 years as a nationally certified volunteer firefighter in the Philadelphia area. He was the safety officer for his volunteer fire department as well as a deputy emergency management coordinator for the municipality in which he lived. Braxton holds training certifications through the National Fire Academy, the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy and the Montgomery County (PA) Fire Academy in the management of tactical operations, hazardous materials operations, structural firefighting operations and various rescue disciplines.

Braxton has been a member of LVMC’s Core Safety Committee in his role as the Chief Human Resources Officer at LVMC since he was hired in 2009.

“From that perspective, I am prepared to continue the fine work of my predecessor, Jim White, and to use my training and experience in emergency management to make LVMC a model for other organizations to follow with regard to healthcare facility safety,” Braxton said.

Braxton said he appreciates working at LVMC and values the organizational culture.

“It all starts with our staff having a vocation to care for and about others,” he said. “When you have that foundation of caring, other positive attributes are built upon it making LVMC a great environment in which to work and being an employer of choice. We have people of great character and integrity working here who are focused on providing great care to our community and supporting their colleagues.”

Braxton was previously director of compensation and benefits with Aria Health and Director of employee benefits with St. Luke’s University Health Network. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Human Resources Management from Saint Joseph’s University’s Erivan K. Haub School of Business, and a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from Temple University.

Nora Wallace
Written By Nora Wallace, Public Relations
Nora Wallace was previously employed as a newspaper reporter for 25 years at the Santa Barbara News-Press. At LVMC, Nora is also responsible for the hospital volunteers. She is a graduate of Santa Barbara City College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from San Francisco State University.