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Eugene “Isiah” Scott has been named Employee of the Quarter for the Comprehensive Care Center. Isiah is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has worked at the skilled nursing facility for six months. Director of Nursing Riitta Speer said the team was very impressed with how Isiah presented himself during his employment interview.

“He was polite, courteous and professional, and that has carried on all the way through his working days,” Riitta said. He also follows the hospital’s charge of being respectful, helpful and polite, she said.

Isiah, who was homeschooled and grew up in Lompoc, earned his associate’s degree and CNA certificate from Allan Hancock College. He plans to become a Registered Nurse and is taking classes toward that goal. He hopes to work as an RN in surgery or the Emergency Department.

When the CCC staff called people to the dining room Friday to announce the award, Isiah was one of the only ones not in attendance – he didn’t want to leave tending his residents for the ceremony, not knowing he was the guest of honor.

When his name was announced, those in the room erupted into cheers and applause. He bashfully accepted his plaque and quickly tried to leave the room, though the staff coaxed him back for hugs and handshakes.

“I’m so shocked,” he said, noting there are others who have been at the CCC longer who are just as deserving. Isiah said he got into healthcare because he was a caretaker for his father, who recently passed away on Christmas Eve.

“We had a few trips to the ER, and I got to see how the medical teams responded,” he recalled. Healthcare, he said, “seems to fit into who I am. Growing up, I was always into sports and I liked being part of a team. This seems like it fits me.” 

He has quickly adapted to the CCC routine. “I love the work and the response from the residents and providing care,” he said.

But it is the teamwork and his coworkers that really make him love the job, he added. In particular, LVN Mera Mireya has been a mentor. “She was instrumental in getting me here,” he said. “She’s one of the nurses I want to be like.” Congratulations to Isiah!


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