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As a licensed vocational nursing student at Santa Barbara Business College, Kaila Colvard was able to observe a quadruple bypass heart surgery. “This is what I need to be doing,” she recalls as she watched the operating room nurses doing their jobs.

Being in the OR as a nurse is eventually where she sees her career path taking her. For now, Kaila is a Licensed Vocational Nurse at the Comprehensive Care Center, working with skilled nursing residents.

“I wanted to be a nurse for a long time,” she says. “I love it.”

She’s been at the CCC for three months and it’s her first nursing job since graduating. She’d like to return to school to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. “I like the science of nursing,” she said. “I like knowing why the body does the things it does, and the changes that occur in our bodies.” Aside from that, the human interaction is key, she said.

“You can grow real relationships with the people you are caring for,” said Kaila, who is originally from Los Osos.

At the same time she was offered the job at the CCC, she considered taking a job at a hospital to the north, which would have been closer to her home in Orcutt.

“I noticed one thing that was a huge deciding factor,” Kaila recalls. “People were somnolent (at the other hospital). They didn’t look happy. Here (at the CCC), everyone is happy. They’re super helpful. People have smiles. It’s really good, especially for my first nursing experience.”

She’s pleased with her choice. “I’m happy,” she said. “I don’t feel like I have to come to work. I enjoy being here.”

She thinks the work she’s doing as an LVN at the CCC will help her in the future. “I think when I’m an RN, I’ll be a lot more comfortable with having this experience,” Kaila says.

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