Staff Spotlight: Danielle Rushing

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Certified Nursing Assistant Danielle Rushing had a job in Lompoc working with the elderly, but it just didn’t seem like the right fit for her. “I wanted to work somewhere I could enjoy,” she said.

Danielle found that place at the Comprehensive Care Center, and was hired in January 2017. She was familiar with the setting – when she was a child, her grandmother was a CCC resident, and she’d go along on visits or to help feed her grandmother.

“I want to take care of people who can’t take care of themselves, or need a little bit of help,” she says. “I want to give the care I would want to receive or would want a family member to receive.”

She likes to make jokes, or funny faces, to make her residents laugh. She is always trying to encourage them.

“I like getting to help them work toward being able to do something for themselves, so they can feel that moment of independence,” she said.

She enjoys when residents seek her out to share their joy in winning a bingo game.

“We spend so much time with them, we become like family,” Danielle says. “I stop in the rooms where I know people want to talk. People want to know about the weather. They ask about your kids or sports. They give you advice. They tell you their love stories.”

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