Volunteer Spotlight: Doris Hansen

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You might want to call Doris Hansen “The Candy Lady.” That’s because she’s the Lompoc Hospital District Women’s Auxiliary volunteer responsible for making sure the candy selection is stocked full in the hospital Gift Shop.

Doris, who began volunteering with the Auxiliary in 2005, moved to Lompoc in 1960. She worked for many years for Moore’s Department store, in the housewares department.

“I’ve always worked in gift shops,” she says. “I enjoy it.”

In the hospital Gift Shop, she’s responsible for ordering the earrings and fancy rings on display, as well as buying greeting cards and making sure the candy jar is filled.

“I enjoy it because I don’t just stand behind the counter and wait on customers,” she says.

She’s also out on the floor of the store, replacing items that have been purchased.

“I’m at an age where I can’t just sit home and play on the computer or watch TV,” Doris says. “I need to get out and do stuff. As long as this place is here, I will be here.”

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