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10 Easy Ways To Avoid Diabetes-Related Complications

Foot ulcers, stroke, and cancer are some of the many serious complications associated with diabetes. Fortunately, these and other diabetes-related complications can often be avoided with adequate blood sugar control, exercise, a healthy diet, and other easy methods.

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5 Exercises That Can Improve Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can be frustrating, embarrassing, and inconvenient. Fortunately, several exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to reduce leakage and other symptoms of this condition.

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10 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can sometimes be difficult to spot early due to its slow progression. However, knowing its early signs can lead to early diagnosis and treatment and a greater quality of life.

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Options For Smoking Cessation

People who want to stop smoking have many options if they need treatment—including talk therapy and medications that block the effects of nicotine.

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Which Lifestyle Behaviors Harm Your Lungs the Most?

Smoking and lack of physical activity are some of the top behaviors that can harm the lungs, but being aware of these risk factors can help reduce the risk for serious lung conditions.

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Factors That Increase Your Risk for Epilepsy

Epilepsy can affect anyone of any age, race, or gender. It can always be prevented, but some of its risk factors are modifiable. Knowing the risk factors of epilepsy may help some people avoid this central nervous system condition.

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11 Ways To Get Glowing Skin Without Using Skincare Products

Face creams, moisturizers, and makeup are some of the many skincare products that can give the skin a healthy-looking glow. However, healthy-looking skin can also be achieved naturally with behaviors such as getting quality sleep, exercising regularly, and eating fruits and vegetables.

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Can You Spread Gum Disease To Another Person?

Knowing whether or not gum disease can spread from one person to another can help people reduce their risk for this oral condition and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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Will My Type 2 Diabetes Go Away After Losing Excess Weight?

Excess weight is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Many people who take steps to lose excess weight can often avoid diabetes or reduce its symptoms.

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Can ADHD Be Effectively Treated Without Medication?

ADHD medications produce side effects and come with risks like any other medical treatment. Behavior therapy is a proven, effective treatment for ADHD and is ideal for those with this condition who want to avoid taking medications.

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What to Do if You Go into Cardiac Arrest

Getting prompt medical treatment is essential to surviving cardiac arrest. Knowing what to do during an episode of cardiac arrest can reduce the risk of complications, including permanent brain damage and death.

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How Is Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosed?

Multiple sclerosis cannot be diagnosed with a single test but with a series of diagnostic tests, including a spinal tap, blood testing, and MRI.