Vitiligo patient with splotchy skin color

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Wearing sunscreen, getting regular eye exams, and attending support groups are some of the many effective ways to avoid complications of vitiligo.

kinds walking track

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Lompoc's first Family Health and Fitness Day will take place on Sept. 17, with plenty of free fun field activities, Zumba and yoga, and a host of community vendors.

Vaccine Update

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LVMC will hold its next COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic from 3 to 6 pm on Friday, Sept. 9, in the Ocean's Seven Cafe at the hospital.

throat exam

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Strep throat shares many symptoms with sore throat, but knowing the difference between these two illnesses can reduce the risk for serious complications.

Vaccine Update

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The weekly COVID-19 vaccination clinic at LVMC is temporarily cancelled due to the removal of authorization by the Food and Drug Administration for the current monovalent COVID-19 vaccines as booster doses for anyone age 12 and older.

Ni-Q Milk Pouch

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When a mother's own breast milk is unavailable for any reason, donor human milk serves as the next best option for newborn nutrition in hospitals.

woman holding balloon

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Maintaining good pelvic health is essential to the quality of life and can aid in the prevention of bladder problems and reproductive issues.

visual examples of monkeypox rash

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The CDC defines Monkeypox as, “a rare disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus”. Monkeypox is not related to chickenpox.

gift baskets

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Veronica was so pleased with the experience of having her first child at LVMC that she bought baskets full of treats for the nursing staff  

kid getting vaccinated

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Keeping children up to date on immunizations comes with many benefits, including long-term protection from disease and a reduced risk for complications.

LVMC Community Update

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This month our CEO, Steve Popkin, updates the community on COVID, vaccinations, and LVMC employees of the quarter.

eye exam

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Healthy behaviors can reduce the risk for cataracts, such as exercising regularly, eating nutritious foods, and avoiding excess sun exposure.

woman holding head

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People who can identify the root causes of their migraines can work with their doctors to find the right treatments and change contributing lifestyle behaviors.

Dr. Farida Bounoua

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Dr. Farida Bounoua helps patients lose weight surgically, watching them ‘blossom’ afterward.

mother applying sun screen to daughter

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Buying safe, effective sunscreen products can protect the skin from damaging UV rays and reduce the risk of skin cancer.