LVMC Food Service Workers

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This week honors Healthcare Foodservice Workers for their role in keeping patients and employees well-nourished.

teen holding hugging himself

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This month includes recognition of World Mental Health Day, a special reminder about global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against the social stigma of mental health.


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Nursing a newborn is a labor of love, one that requires a mother’s body to produce a wholesome, fully nourishing and protective substance called breast milk. 

LVMC staff holding gift boxes

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The mission of the charitable organization known as “Lemons of Love” is to provide support and community to those impacted by cancer.

Alexa Berryman

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Alexa Berryman is a Certified Nursing Assistant and Ward Clerk in LVMC’s Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum unit.   She was hired in March 2018.  

Diana Cisneros

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Diana Cisneros is one of the most popular employees at LVMC – she’s the payroll coordinator. Diana was hired in February of this year.

rendering of a stomach

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During a free community lecture Oct. 9, Lompoc Valley Medical Center hospitalist Dr. Dushyant Viswanathan will discuss the crucial role intestines play in the immune system and overall organ health.

patient showing doctor his hernia

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A hernia is when something bulges through a space that should not exist. The confusing thing is that there are MANY types of hernias and not all hernias cause problems for patients.

mri images of brain

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Most people hearing the term “TBI,” or Traumatic Brain Injury, may automatically assume the cause is a catastrophic car collision, or perhaps a fall from a ladder.

Keli Clark, RN

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Registered Nurse Keli Clark was hired at LVMC in February 2016. She is a nurse in the hospital’s Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Post-Partum department. She earned her Associate of Science degree in Nursing Science from Santa Barbara City College.

Sherry McBride, RN, PNP

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Sherry McBride has spent 49 years of her life as a Registered Nurse – and is a familiar face in Lompoc. She has been a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for 45 years, many of those spent at the former Sansum clinic on North H Street. Sherry now works for Lompoc Health – North H Center.

man holding head

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If you want to prevent suicide, it's important to understand depression. While most of us feel sad or low, sometimes, feelings of depression are longer lasting and often more severe for those experiencing it.

Melinda Niemi

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Melinda Niemi is a registered nurse who has been on staff at LVMC since the spring of 2016. She works the night shift in the medical-surgical department and is affectionately called by her last name when at work. 

Brenda Bauldry

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For anyone who brings an infant or child into Lompoc Health – North H Street, Brenda J. Bauldry is a steadfast presence as a Registration Representative in Pediatrics. Hired by Sansum Clinic in 2003, she stayed on when Lompoc Health took ownership of the building last January.

diagram of a thyroid

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September marks Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, making it a particularly good time to be aware of the signs and symptoms of this most common endocrine cancer.