a persons eye

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August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month and reminds parents to schedule an eye exam and vision screening as children ready for back to school time.

senior woman getting fitted for an alert device

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Most of you have probably seen the television commercial where a woman falls and says, “I have fallen and can’t get up!” That ad illustrates that we often think we do not need help until we actually really need help.

Dolores Cacho

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Dolores V. Cacho is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) in LVMC’s Laboratory Services department. She works three-night shifts, followed by a day shift. She was hired in September 2002, and in the second quarter of 2011 was chosen as Employee of the Quarter.

Chaunteel Clark, BSN

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Chaunteel Clark, BSN, is a registered nurse at Lompoc Health – North H Center, in the Urgent Care. She moved the Lompoc Valley in  March from Bakersfield and is happy to be starting her Central Coast career at Lompoc Health. She is pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.

First Responder

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Early next month, residents of Lompoc can learn the basic skills to keep people with potentially life-threatening injuries alive until professional help arrives. The Lompoc Hospital District Foundation has asked me to present FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) training called “Stop the Bleed.” The lecture and training will be given from 6 to 8 pm September 4, but reservations are required by August 31. The class will be held in the Ocean’s Seven Café at Lompoc Valley Medical Center.

teenagers playing on their phones

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In their counseling sessions, parents often have questions for me, or other counselors, regarding social media and how it’s affecting their children.

Maycol Orozco

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Maycol Orozco is a registered representative at Lompoc Health – North H Center. He was originally hired by Sansum in July 2005 and stayed on with the change in ownership of the facility.

diagram of Cholesterol in arteries

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Cholesterol can be confusing. You may hear your primary care physician talk to you about your “cholesterol numbers,” but what do they really mean? And do you know that the foods you eat can change your levels? The Centers for Disease Control wants to make sure you know the difference between myth and facts when it concerns cholesterol. It’s important to commit to getting your cholesterol checked annually, so you can learn more about your risks of heart disease and stroke.

electrical lines

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Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons – including earthquakes, floods, wildfires or a Public Safety Power Shut-off, or PSPS.

Adrianna Rojas

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Adrianna Rojas is the Support Coordinator for LVMC’s Family Caregiver Support Network. She was hired in August 2017. The Family Caregiver Support Network (FCSN) is a resource center for Lompoc residents to access education, referrals and supportive services to aid in the delivery of care for their loved ones. 

doctor examining patients skin

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Skin cancer is a malignant tumor from cells of the skin. More than 2 million Americans are diagnosed with it every year, making it one of the most common forms of cancer diagnosed in the U.S.

Cara Sims

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Cara Sims is a Clinical Laboratory Assistant at the acute hospital. She was hired in April 1995.

mother feeding her baby food

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As the 6-month mark approaches, many moms have questions about how to balance starting solid foods while maintaining their breastfeeding relationship. It’s important to note that although your baby’s intake is going to start expanding to a variety of table foods, your breast milk remains a very important component of their diet during the first year and beyond.

woman checking her blood sugar

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Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, and people are at higher risk if they are African American, Latino, Native American, or Asian American/Pacific Islanders. 

Tonya Shultz, Ph.D.

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The small lump on my right elbow turned out to be a liposarcoma of the right triceps, and it needed to be gone.