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Paul Fry with LVMC employees

Lompoc Valley Medical Center: Physician Services has been named a top Family Practice Performer by CenCal Health.

CenCal Health administers the Medi-Cal program in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. There are approximately 1,100 CenCal members using Physician Services for Primary Care needs.

Aaron Poirier

A knee injury as a high school student athlete was the impetus that led Aaron Poirier to a career in physical therapy.

mouth exam

While it is commonly known that we should be brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing daily and seeing our dental professionals every six months, it’s probably not as widely known how certain foods or drinks, oral habits or general health problems can have a negative effect the health of our mouth.

Steve Popkin, CEO

The Lompoc Valley Medical Center Board of Directors has selected Stephen Popkin as its new Chief Executive Officer.

The LVMC Board of Directors has extended Mr. Popkin an employment offer and are currently in final negotiations. The board anticipates details of the final contract will be discussed and approved at the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting Oct. 25.

Paul Fry

Paul Fry has been a familiar presence for seven years at Lompoc Valley Medical Center, aiding patients in the Emergency Department as a Certified Physician Assistant.

disaster plan notebook

“Semper Paratus”, (Latin for “Always Ready”), is the motto of the United States Coast Guard.  The Coast Guard is in a constant state of readiness to respond emergencies, from boaters in distress to major disasters. Hospitals, much like the Coast Guard, must always be ready when disasters occur, whether natural or man-made.

Paul Fry with Nurse

I had the opportunity to eat lunch with a Physician Assistant who graduated from the second graduating class at the University of Washington MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant program in 1971. I was fascinated with the conversation thinking of the value this individual has to the P.A. profession.

pharmacy tech doing stuff

At Lompoc Valley Medical Center Pharmacy Services, the quality of the product we deliver to our patients is a top priority.  We are committed to ensuring that all intravenous (IV) medications meet or exceed federal and state standards as well as national safety recommendations.