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new board members Dr. Christopher Lumsdaine, Dr. Elham “Ellie” Novin Baheran and Leslie Kelly, RN

During a brief ceremony today, three new members of the Lompoc Valley Medical Center Board of Directors were sworn into office. Dr. Christopher Lumsdaine, Dr. Elham “Ellie” Novin Baheran and Leslie Kelly, RN, each won four-year terms of office in the November election. The new members join Board President Ray Down and Dr. David McAninch III on the board.

patient using patient portal

For those patients who use our hospital-based health record portal, please be aware that our current portal went offline on December 3. The system has been replaced with a new offering, called FollowMyHealth. That new system is be available for patient use after being discharged from a hospital-based service. All current portal users will receive an email invitation to create a new patient portal account on that day. 

Linda McNutt

Linda McNutt moved to the Lompoc Valley earlier this year and was looking for something to do with her spare time.

Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited blood disorder that causes the red blood cells to change shape and “sickle.” Normal red blood cells are round and carry oxygen through your blood vessels to organs throughout the body. But sickle cells get stuck in blood vessels and block the flow of blood — causing damage to organs.

Lompoc Sansum Clinic

During its monthly meeting, the Lompoc Valley Medical Center Board of Directors approved the purchase of the Sansum Lompoc practice at 1225 North H Street. The board authorized CEO Jim Raggio to negotiate the purchase of the 15-year-old, 30,908-square-foot building and its interior assets for the projected purchase price of $8.75 million.

man speaking with his doctor

Are you one of the 1 in 3 U.S. adults who has prediabetes? Chances are, you don’t even know it.

Emely Suarez

Working with Dr. David Cortese at LVMC: Physician Services, Medical Assistant Emely Suarez is getting a first-hand look at the world of orthopedic surgery.


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