Members of this committee monitor the finances of the Foundation and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on the best way to invest Foundation assets.  The Committee meets quarterly or as needed.

The Investment Committee of the Foundation has the responsibility for managing the financial assets of the Foundation. Prudent practices will be followed in the investment process using appropriate investment strategies for Foundations and Endowments. 

Membership on the Investment Committee is restricted to Trustees and members of the Foundation. The Committee is composed of at least four (4) members. Each Committee member should be knowledgeable about financial management and investing.  

Foundation Investment Guidelines are in place to guide the efforts of the Committee. The primary function of the Committee is to work with and monitor our Investment Advisor, assuring that our investments and other fixed-income provide adequate diversification and maximize our return.  

Meeting Frequency

Meetings are held twice a year, usually in February and October or on-call by the Chairperson of the Committee.


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