Preventing Diabetes

Your doctor may have brought up that you have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Possibly this came up for several different reasons:

  • Being over weigh
  • Family history
  • Had Gestational Diabetes
  • Prediabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and there are several things that can be done to lower your chances.

weight on scale

Losing Weight

If you can drop 5 to 7 percent of your body weight and keep it off this could be key in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes.

Example: starting weight is 200, then the weight loss goal is 10-14lbs

sports activity

Get Active

Maintaining at least 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week is essential for preventing your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. If you have been inactive for several years speak with your primary care physician about different types of activities he or she may recommend.

healthy vegetables

Eat a Balanced Diet

Decreasing your portion sizes and daily caloric intake by choosing foods lower in fat and sugars is very important. Be sure to drink water instead of sweetened beverages.

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