Staff Spotlight

Ann Bockius, MFT

As a preschool teacher, Ann Bockius would become frustrated when parents began arguing about a child’s behavior. Though she was trained as a teacher, she’d sometime be at a loss at how to react to and help, parents in those situations. It was those experiences that led Ann to an almost three-decade-long career as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

 Lydia Valdez

As a child, Lydia Valdez’ father called her his “little nurse. Little did he know that the loving nickname was to chart a course for her life – she’s now a registered nurse in LVMC’s Perinatal Services Department, or Labor and Delivery. The nickname was apt, as Lydia cared for her father, Ray, during his final stages of congestive heart failure, prior to his death at age 45.  She was 12 when he died, and was his preferred caregiver.

 Thao Carey

Registered Nurse Thao Carey’s parents were so dedicated to education that they encouraged their five daughters to study either math or science in college. Ultimately, two of her sisters became engineers, one is a dentist and the youngest works in public relations.

Eugene Scott

Eugene “Isiah” Scott has been named Employee of the Quarter for the Comprehensive Care Center. Isiah is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has worked at the skilled nursing facility for six months. Director of Nursing Riitta Speer said the team was very impressed with how Isiah presented himself during his employment interview.

Faustina Caudillo

Faustina Caudillo’s role as a caregiver started at a young age, taking care of her grandma. In her early teens, she was there to help ease her elderly grandmother’s transition from life.

Lynda Cards

In her 10 years of employment at Lompoc Valley Medical Center, Lynda Cards has found herself working in the acute hospital and staffing several off-site services. When she first joined the staff, Lynda worked as a registered representative at the main lobby and in the Emergency Department.

Erin Holt

Erin Holt started out her career path in Child Development and quickly learned that it wasn’t the job for her. The Lompoc native and 1976 graduate of Lompoc High said she had friends who were nurses, who encouraged her to consider the medical field.

Jorge Rodriguez

Respiratory Care Technician Jorge Rodriguez recently realized that he’s lived in Lompoc longer than he’s lived any other place as an adult – about 10 years.