Will “Buck” Sharp has been a pharmacist at Lompoc Valley Medical Center for nine years. A native of Hollister, CA, he previously owned Valley Rexall pharmacy for 30 years and sold it in 2005.

What hobbies do you have outside of work:

Baseball – playing, watching, anything baseball. I play baseball on Sundays. It’s the best game ever invented. It’s hard. You have to think about every play. If you’re not invested, you can’t play.

Why did you choose your career?

I was a freshman in high school and took a career guidance class. A pharmacy was one of the choices. And I wanted to own my own business. I went to work in a pharmacy in Hollister and the guy I worked for was a really good guy. I liked the challenge, the monetary rewards and helping people. It makes you feel good when you do something right.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Coming to work and enjoying the camaraderie. I was retired for four years and did not like it. I like coming to work.