I might seem born to become Director of Pharmacy at LVMC – my grandfather, father, brother, and sister are pharmacists. The native of Cairo, Egypt, grew up following my father Amer Gamal Amer to work at the family’s pharmacy, learning about the ways of medicine. Then one day while exploring around the shop, I found an ornate diploma for my grandfather’s degree of pharmacy – and learned that my own father had once explored around my own father’s pharmacy as a youngster. 

I spoke with my parents about my desire to learn the family craft, ultimately finishing Cairo University in 2002, and starting to manage my father’s pharmacies. But during a U.S. vacation, I decided to move to California, where I also had a number of friends and was able to apply for an H-1B Visa to do my 1,500 hours of internship at LVMC and became licensed pharmacist in 2010. I earned my PharmD in 2014 at University of Massachusetts.

Once I experienced a hospital setting, I realized it was my path. I prefer to be in a hospital pharmacy than a retail pharmacy because you see the effect you have on patients faster. You watch the labs and the meds and you see the lab results are getting better. If we get to talk to them during the discharge consult, we explain why they are taking this or that medicine. It just makes me happy.

I like that pharmacy is an unending learning experience. For a year, I was the pharmacist in LVMC’s Hematology-Oncology office run by Dr. Donna Walker. You learn about new diseases, new meds and how they can help people.

I am now earning a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts to have another perspective on business. As the new director of pharmacy services for Lompoc Valley Medical Center, I am able to apply what I'm doing at work for his degree studies.

I have been married since 2005 to Mona Moustafa and we have a 6-year-old son, Adam. Occasionally, I work weekends in the Costco Pharmacy, as a way to have other interactions with newer, retail medications.

Hossam Gamal, Pharmacist in LVMC Pharmacy

I still remember my grandfather’s name on the wall on the Pharmacy certificate. “ wanted to continue that from generation to generation.