Two Comprehensive Care Center employees are being recognized for their excellence in long-term care. CCC Administrator Katie Ellis nominated Director of Staff Development Myralda “My” Hulsizer for the California Association of Health Facilities “Nurse of the Year” award. Another honoree was Quality Improvement/Clinical Analyst Danielle Anzaldo, who was nominated as a CAHF Facility Super Star.

While the awards ultimately were bestowed upon other nominees, both My and Danielle are still “Super Stars of the CCC.”

Myralda Hulsizer

Myralda, or “My” as she’s known, graduated as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 2001 and found a calling in caring for the pediatric population with special needs and disabilities. She quickly honed her nursing skills and began a traveling nurse career in 2005.

Lompoc Valley Medical Center was her first — and last — travel assignment.

“My is a natural leader and educator,” says Katie. “Because of her leadership and refined nursing skills, she began mentoring new employees and graduates. Because of her dedication to her profession and the professional development of others, she assumed an additional role as relief Director of Staff Development.”

In 2016, the Palmdale native accepted the full-time DSD role and taught her first class for Certified Nurse Assistant trainees.

Nursing wasn’t her first career choice; she’d planned to be a teacher.
“I loved helping people and nursing as well,” My says. “When my dad got ill, I saw how he was taken care of -- the good and the bad. If he had a great nurse or CNA, then he had a great day. I wanted to make the same impact on someone’s life. Now I get to do both -- teach and be a nurse.”

Her teaching has proven successful – both the CNA classes reached 100 percent passing rate for students.

She said she is honored by the nomination.

“The CCC is not just a place for me to make a living,” My says. “This is my life. Healthcare and the CCC mean everything to me -- from the residents to the employees. I really do try my best to make it the best I can every day.”

Katie notes that Myralda has a positive impact on resident health, safety, and quality of life.

“She teaches and mentors all new employees with the platinum philosophy: to treat others as they want to be treated. She ensures all employees receive the highest of standard for orientation and mentorship. Because she instills high expectations and standards to all employees, staff provide the highest quality of care to our residents. This has dramatically improved our residents’ quality of life… She is invested in the lives of our residents and ensures that all employees treat one another and the residents with respect, dignity, and professionalism.”

Danielle Anzaldo

By definition, a “superstar” is a person considered an extremely successful performer. But that terminology, Katie Ellis dubs Danielle Anzaldo the “CCC’s Super Star.”

Danielle, who was born and reared in Lompoc, started her career as a student in the CNA program and has continued to excel, reaching her current position as Quality Improvement/Clinical Informatics Analyst. She reached that position after becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 2013.

“Throughout her professional development, her commitment to nursing has strengthened by embracing core nursing values,” Katie says.

Danielle was honored to be nominated for the CAHF Facility SuperStar award.

“Danielle’s passion for the nursing profession is inspiring,” Katie says. “Her advocacy for the residents and employees is fervent. Danielle is versed in all nursing positions; per her own accord, she wants to ensure that the facility provides the utmost quality and respectful care for our residents. In an instance, Danielle has the rare quality to triage situations, while taking into account the big picture, and take action.”

Danielle has been enrolled in Santa Barbara City College’s registered nursing program, taking classes three days a week while working full-time. She received her nursing certificate in December.

“I like taking care of geriatric patients,” Danielle explains. “It’s extraordinary. They are always teaching me something new. I like to be a part of their family when they do not have their own.”

While in her role at the CCC, Danielle is credited with helping transform the facility from a 3-star rated center to a recognized AHCA Quality Initiative Program recipient and 5-star rated facility.

“Danielle has played an integral part in this accomplishment,” Katie says. “As the Quality Improvement/Clinical Analyst for the facility, she audits and initiates process improvement plans to ensure the highest of quality.”

Her job now, she says, enables her to use all her history at the CCC to advocate for changes and propose solutions.

A 2007 Lompoc High School graduate, Danielle was also responsible for implementing the Electronic Medical Record, or EMR, program at the CCC, and trained all staff and CCC physicians.

“Danielle’s greatest quality is her integrity,” Katie says. “She is honest, ethical, demonstrates justice and is respectful. Danielle consistently assists colleagues and ensures quality care is delivered in a safe and dignified manner.”

Danielle, who started work at the CCC two weeks after graduating high school, appreciates being in a small organization.

“There are a lot of different roles here,” she says. “I feel I’m getting much experience. It’s helped me grow. I don’t think you’d get that at a more corporate place.”