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Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing

Meet Your Team

Each member of the Comprehensive Care Center brings a unique perspective and individual expertise, working collaboratively balancing your physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and vocational needs and preferences to achieve the best outcomes. The team members include;

Case Manager:

Coordinates all aspects of your stay, from admission to discharge and follow-up services and support.

Occupational Therapist:

Addresses the skills that occupy your day – such as eating, dressing, bathing, working and cooking.

Physical Therapist:

Helps with your ability to move around – providing a combination of exercise, strength training, gait training and education.

Registered Dietician:

Works closely with you to design a customized meal plan, ensuring that you get the right nutrition and support healing.

Rehabilitation Nurses:

Provide 24/7 medical care

Respiratory Therapist:

Helps you with breathing problems and works on specific respiratory exercises needed to support your functional recovery.

Speech and Language Therapist:

Provides evaluation and treatment if you experience swallowing, cognitive or speech problems.

Quiet expertise is the first thing you feel upon entering the Lompoc Valley Medical Center, Comprehensive Care Center, because our staff believes happiness encourages a true community environment. That is the reason why our staff makes it a point to bring joy to the lives of our residents every day. 

We provide long-term care in a homelike setting with a caring and compassionate staff.

To be a leader in the long term care industry, assisting our residents to attain or maintain their highest practical level of physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Vibrant Community of Family

At the Comprehensive Care Center we spend our days and nights with fascinating people who are full of wonderful stories to share. We take the time to get to know our residents and consider everyone to be a cherished and respected member of our family. 

Our center features a lovely, park-like setting that is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the changing weather. At the Comprehensive Care Center, our staff and residents bond over the center’s pets and enjoy a home that is truly part of the community. 

We enjoy an unparalleled level of support from the local community with visits from schoolchildren, churches and volunteers who come to enjoy relationships with our residents.

Our quaint community is located in the historic district of Lompoc Valley Medical Center; just a few blocks from our accredited acute care hospital and local physician offices. 

What guides our actions:

  • Maintaining the trust of our community and patients
  • Continuously striving to improve our services
  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Working as a team with each other, the medical staff, and our patients
  • Being compassionate and caring to everyone we serve
  • Encouraging our staff to grow professionally
  • Using resources efficiently
  • Regulatory compliance

Skilled Nursing Services

The LVMC, Comprehensive Care Center offers personalized plans of care for complex skilled nursing and dynamic rehabilitation programs. Residents receive 24-hour care and treatment under the supervision of their physicians. Physical, speech and occupational therapies are available in-house. A comprehensive recreation and social program that appeals to a wide variety of preferences among residents is available.

Admission Process

The application form will not be accepted until the applicant's primary care Physician, with admitting privileges at Lompoc District Hospital has been verified.

Categories of Admission

There are two categories of individuals desiring admission

  • Active Status: Applicant desires immediate admission. CCC will notify applicant or representative when accommodations are available.
  • In-Active Status: Applicant desires future admission. Applicant or representative will notify CCC when they desire to be on active status.
  • Waiting List: Applicant's name will be placed on the waiting list based on the date the application was received and whether or not they are active status or inactive status. The date received always determines the place on the waiting list.

Admission Date

It is difficult to accurately predict an admission date as an applicant may move from inactive status to active status. Therefore, counting those ahead of the applicant on the waiting list is an effective tool for estimating an admission date.

Admission Inquiry and Response

When an active status applicant's name reaches the top of the waiting list, the CCC will notify applicant or representative when accommodations are available and inquire about applicant's desire for immediate admission. Response to this inquiry within 24 hours after contact is important or the next applicant on the waiting list will be contacted.

Applicant may accept admission when contacted and the admission process will begin with an assessment to ensure that the CCC can meet the applicant's needs. Admission is then likely to occur within the next two to three days. Applicant may decline admission when contacted if they do not desire admission at that time and may be asked to place the application on inactive status. The applicant or representative would be responsible to notify the CCC when they desire to be on active status. The original application date received will remain the same even if applicant declines admission or if applicant is admitted for a time and later discharged.

Having an application on file does not guarantee admission.

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