Our Music and Memory program was created to improve the quality of life of our residents who are living with dementia. Our residents who participate in this program report feeling more joyful and note an improvement in their communication skills. The program has also helped reduce falls, delivering pain, all while reducing reliance on mood-altering medications.

How It Works

Music stimulates the brain, and studies have demonstrated that music enhances the memory of both Alzheimer's and non-Alzheimer’s dementia patients. We use personalized playlists to offer our residents a practical, non-pharmacological way to improve their daily quality of life. Our personalized music program can strengthen cognition, improve family visits, and boost spirits, all while decreasing pain. Unlike prescription medication, music also has precious few side effects.

High-Quality Training

Our Music and Memory Program staff has received certified training that enables them to create, provide, and manage personalized playlists for residents living with Alzheimer's disease, non-Alzheimer’s dementia, and other cognitive and physical challenges. These playlists can help them reconnect with the world through music-inspired memories.

Learn More About Our Music and Memory Program

To see if the Music and Memory Program could benefit you or a loved one, give us a call at (805) 736-3466.