The services are provided Monday - Friday, 8:00 to 4:30 and on-call 24/7. NASW, JCAHO are recognized standards for care and compliance with Title XXII are followed. There is participation in the Bioethics Committee and based upon daily, concurrent review of patient's care, a weekly Care Conference is conducted for outliers, aberrancies and quality of care issues.

  • If You, or a member of your family, feel helpless because of an illness or injury
  • If You have a new baby and you are not sure how you will manage as a parent
  • If You have a serious illness and wonder when you will be able to return to work; what you will be able to do and how you will manage to support your family
  • If You, or a member of your family, must face the reality of coping with long-term illness or death
  • If You have had a stroke, or lost a limb and wonder how you will ever be able to adjust
  • If You, or a loved one, find it difficult to manage independently at home and need information on a nursing home, boarding home, or retirement living facility
  • If You feel depressed about your situation and just wish you could talk to someone
  • If You have other problems, worries, questions

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