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In order to contribute to the Capital Campaign please download the Pledge Form and mail it to:

Lompoc Hospital Foundation
P.O. Box 883
Lompoc, CA 93438

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A Lasting Tribute

The $4 million capital campaign for the purchase of movable furniture and equipment provides another opportunity where individuals, businesses and organizations may be acknowledged for their contributions. Naming a room, or item of equipment as a Memorial has long been a tradition in our nation’s hospitals—the place to pay honor to a relative, to the cherished memory of a friend, or to the founders/owners of a corporation.

Recognition in Perpetuity

Recognition plaques will be permanently placed in the vestibule of the main entrance for individuals donating amounts of $1,000 or more. Names of all contributors of $10,000 or more will be inscribed on a prominently located Master Plaque in the main lobby.

Tax Deductable

All gifts, regardless of form, are tax deductible under existing federal and state laws, within specific limitations. Gifts of cash, securities, real estate, ie. insurance, commodities and other forms of real property are encouraged.

On October 3, 2008, the President signed the Charitable IRA legislation. This charitable option allows donors ages 70 or older to move $100,000 per year from their IRA directly to an eligible charity without having to pay income taxes on the money. To ensure maximum tax advantage, donors should consult with their legal/financial advisors on the type of gift and method of payment

Joining Together

Provisions have been made where donors may join together in memorializing a unit. Plaques will reflect the desire of those memorial contributors. Memorial opportunities have been enumerated for your consideration. Please review the following list for a selection of your choice.

and Tomorrow

As the major provider of healthcare services in the area, LVMC continues to be a vital health resource for the citizens of the Lompoc Valley.

In 2005 the LVMC Board of Directors, faced with state mandated seismic retrofit requirements, decided the community would be better served by building a new modern facility rather than retrofit the current 67-year-old building. Subsequently, on September 13, 2005, voters in the district passed a $75 million bond measure with a state record of 87% voter approval. Construction on the new 60-bed hospital began shortly after Measure E passed.

This new hospital is under construction and currently scheduled to start accepting patients in March 2010. The hospital’s forward-thinking designers have incorporated evidenced-based-design techniques that assures the facility will be one of the best healthcare facilities on the Central Coast.

The Lompoc Hospital Foundation has begun an ambitious capital campaign for the new facility since none of the $75 million bond proceeds can be used to purchase movable furniture and/or equipment. The current budget to acquire state-of-the-art furniture and equipment for our new hospital is $4 million, and the Lompoc Hospital Foundation has already contributed $1 million of this amount.

We are looking to members of the community, organizations, and grant opportunities to raise the balance of $3 million.

We assure you that 100% of all donations will go directly to the fund for the purchase of furniture and equipment. Because The Foundation is staffed primarily with volunteers, we have virtually no overhead expenses. Any costs for mailing or printing of material for the campaign will not be paid out the donations made to the Capital Campaign. Memorial payments may be extended over a five-year period.

Financing the Future

Currently, inadequate reimbursement from the Medicare and MediCal programs, inflation and increasing uncompensated charity care are contributing to negative operating margins for the majority of our nation’s hospitals. This places tremendous pressure on all hospitals to assure their community residents have access to state-of-the-art capital improvements.

Obviously it will take substantial capital—beyond patient revenues—to provide for the future. All hospitals are facing substantial financial challenges and LVMC is no different.

The Medicare program (the federal government’s coverage plan for the disabled and the population over 65 years) is not covering the costs of care provided. For every dollar billed to Medicare, LVMC receives approximately 50 cents. This is not sufficient to cover LVMC’s costs. For every dollar billed to MediCal (the state’s coverage plan for the poor and some who do not have insurance) LVMC receives 24 cents. Again, this is substantially less than the cost to provide quality healthcare services. To these factors is added over $2 million of uncompensated care and uncollectible accounts per year. LVMC receives only 1% of its revenue in tax dollars.

As LVMC faces the financial challenges of the next decade, philanthropic support as a source of supplement income will be vital for our new hospital.

Providing for Today

Lompoc Healthcare District, now known as Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC) includes a 60-bed acute hospital and a 110-bed Convalescent Care Center. Together these facilities supply a vast array of high-quality inpatient, outpatient skilled care, long-term care, health promotion and health maintenance programs for district residents.

LVMC is the sole provider of 24-hour emergency services, the only acute hospital and one of two long-term care facilities serving the Lompoc Valley. Approximately 98% of LVMC patients live in the City of Lompoc and the immediate surrounding communities of Mesa Oaks, Mission Hills, Vandenberg Village, and Vandenberg Air Force Base.

LVMC is fully licensed by the California Department of Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission. The diagnostic imaging department is also accredited by the American College of Radiology.

The medical staff, including consulting and courtesy staff members, is comprised of 87 highly qualified, licensed physicians.

LVMC is a provider of vitally needed healthcare services and a major employer in the area, thus directly benefiting the local economy. More than 500 people are employed at LVMC and the salaries and benefits of staff exceed $15 million per year.

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