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Prince Harry’s recent discussion of using EMDR to improve his mental health has drawn attention to this therapy.

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Therapeutic Recreation Week is an annual observance that raises awareness about the benefits of recreational therapy services in recovery.

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Restless legs syndrome is a neurological disorder that can be effectively treated and managed with a combination of healthy behaviors and medications.

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Knowing what causes craniofacial abnormalities can help females experience healthier pregnancies and reduce their baby’s risk for developing these conditions.

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Scoliosis is a common spinal disorder that can be detected with a yearly physical examination and treated early on to prevent back pain and postural changes.

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Abdominal pain, a visible bulge, and pain when lifting heavy objects are all possible signs of a hernia, which can be effectively treated with surgery.

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Healthy families who stay physically active generally tend to be happy families, as exercise can reduce the risk of illness and disease, and improve your mood and mental wellness. The second Saturday in June of every year is observed as Family Health and Fitness Day. This special day was created by the National Recreation and Park Association and promotes the role of parks and recreation in keeping families and communities healthy.

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Recognizing early signs of dementia and cognitive decline remains critical to connecting older adults with the treatment they need to improve or delay symptoms.

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Cataracts are exceedingly common, especially with increasing age. The treatment for cataracts is also common, as well as highly safe and effective.

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Aphasia is a condition that impairs your ability to write and verbally communicate. Without treatment, aphasia can reduce the quality of life and make it difficult for you to interact with others, including your loved ones.

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Lyme disease is a common tick-borne illness and, if unidentified or untreated, it can have serious health consequences.

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PTSD is no longer considered an issue mainly for the military or first responders. The disorder affects all age groups, and a free app can help families manage PTSD impacts.

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These tips can turn gardening into an easier process for seniors who want an enjoyable, convenient way to stay active and busy as they age.

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Seniors who increase their intake of certain vitamins and nutrients can boost their energy and reduce their risk for chronic conditions.

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Sleep is one of the great mysteries of neuroscience. Like the origin of the universe is for the astrophysicist, sleep has puzzled brilliant minds since antiquity.  Ancient Greece prayed to the sleep god Hypnos to restore their bodies and minds.  Hypnos is where we get the word hypnosis.  The Romans had their own sleep god, Somnus, from which we get the word somnolence (sleepiness).  We no longer pray to sleep gods, but we remain zealots in our desire for the restorative powers of sleep.