Every one of our patients has a story and an experience worth telling. Below are real patients sharing their stories about thier journign to better health.

Bob Taylor

Before the end of April, longtime Lompoc resident Bob Taylor knew about the Comprehensive Care Center, but had never been inside.

Elizabeth McKenzie

When Elizabeth McKenzie arrived as a patient at the Comprehensive Care Center, she says she could “wiggle one foot, wiggle one hand, and flap my lips.”

Dick Newcomb and brother

Dick Newcomb and his younger brother Glen were always close as siblings, even with four years separating them.

Naomi Hopkins, her baby and her obgyn Dr. Huss

Lompoc resident Naomi Hopkins has been a patient of Dr. Rod Huss’ for a year, and last October, he delivered her daughter, Phoenix Skye White.

Gonzalez Family

For the Gonzalez family, the arrival this week of newborn Paul Augustine Gonzalez is lucky #13. Maria and Jose Gonzalez welcomed tiny Paul at 8:33 pm on Tuesday in LVMC’s Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum department, with assistance from OBGYN Dr. Rod Huss.

Odessa with Nurse

Sitting in the Comprehensive Care Center’s activities room, Odessa Gilmore can usually be found with a smile on her face.

Sheila in physical therapy

In the halls of the Comprehensive Care Center, applause and cheers started breaking out as Sheila Holley cruised by with her walker. “Sheila! Look at you!” came the calls and recognition.

Mary Fahning

Mary Fahning is no stranger to broken bones and keeping an active lifestyle. A year ago, the Lompoc resident broke her foot and hiked 150 miles with the injury until she could get to a doctor.