Every one of our patients has a story and an experience worth telling. Below are real patients sharing their stories about thier journign to better health.

Odessa with Nurse

Sitting in the Comprehensive Care Center’s activities room, Odessa Gilmore can usually be found with a smile on her face.

Sheila in physical therapy

In the halls of the Comprehensive Care Center, applause and cheers started breaking out as Sheila Holley cruised by with her walker. “Sheila! Look at you!” came the calls and recognition.

Mary Fahning

Mary Fahning is no stranger to broken bones and keeping an active lifestyle. A year ago, the Lompoc resident broke her foot and hiked 150 miles with the injury until she could get to a doctor.

Beverly Dean

At the age of 76, Beverly Dean had a clean driving record, without even a fender-bender. But when she was on vacation out-of-state, a rain-slicked road ended her exemplary history.

Shirley Holston

After a disabling stroke, an independent Shirley Holston found herself needing an assisted living environment.  After a few locations, she has now settled into the Comprehensive Care Center where one of the residential cats, Mirage, has adopted her and visits regularly.

Larissa Ybarra

Larissa Ybarra’s first experience with childbirth didn’t go exactly as expected. Her little baby boy was due Sept. 10, 2017 and she planned for him to be born in Santa Barbara. But little Lucca had other plans. He arrived Aug. 4 and came in with an exuberant entrance.

Ruth Kline Kane

Ruth Kline Kane’s new year almost ended as soon as it began. The childcare coordinator for the Lompoc Family YMCA was not feeling well at work early in January and passed out in a restroom.

Mother with Baby Jonah

Jonah Gustilo was just determined to make an early arrival into the world. The second son of Amber and Ben Gustilo was initially due on Dec. 10, and his parents planned for him to be delivered via a scheduled C-Section at Cottage Hospital on Dec. 4. “He decided he didn’t want to wait,” his mother said.