gift baskets

Veronica was so pleased with the experience of having her first child at LVMC that she bought baskets full of treats for the nursing staff  

 Ida Dawson and Amanda

When longtime Lompoc resident Ida Dawson arrived at the Comprehensive Care Center, she had already been hospitalized for weeks, could not move her limbs, and received nutrition via a feeding tube.

Alec Renken

At 24, Alec Renken found himself leading a sedentary lifestyle, sitting behind a computer screen for work and entertainment hours a day, snacking whenever he felt like it, and rarely exercising.

guy pushing his brother in wheelchair

George Sartori found what he needed for his brother at the Comprehensive Care Center.

flower arrangement

Lompoc resident James Terrence “Terry” McClintock considers himself a veteran of LVMC’s Perioperative Services department. 

Roxane Olsen-Markee and her boyfriend

Roxane Olsen-Markee is a healthy and active person. She lives a fit life and is a physical therapist by profession. But she always had a bit of an odd physical feature, which ultimately led her to seek outpatient surgery at the Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC)surgical department.

Armando Rojas and Family

Since childhood, Armando Rojas has always been a “big guy.” Three years ago, he weighed 407 pounds – the most he’d ever weighed. Even though he is 6-feet, 3-inches tall, that amount of weight put him at a BMI, or Body Mass Index, of 46. He was categorized as obese.

Danielle Cooper

When Danielle Cooper found herself unable to lose the weight she gained after back-to-back pregnancies, she tried diets, exercise, and limiting her food intake.

Lisa Ryavec, PA-C

As a mail carrier, Meghan Paine is used to a lot of physical activity, and needing plenty of energy and good health to get her job completed every day. The long work hours and physical duties are rough, she says.

John Foust and his son

In his just more than 70 years of life, John Foust has been an active fellow. He played football in high school and was on an adult softball team for about 16 years. He’s fallen off horses without serious injury and has generally been physically fit. 

Dr. Peng

For several years, Lompoc resident “G” suffered from a nagging sensation inside his nose. It caused him problems with breathing and sleeping and he could never get relief. Finally, he was referred to Sheppard Peng, DO, MPH, a Lompoc Health otolaryngologist who treats patients with disorders of the ears, nose, and throat (ENT)

John Porr

When Darth Vadar walked through the doors at Lompoc Health - Hematology-Oncology, the staff knew it wasn’t going to be a typical appointment for the man behind the mask.