Medical Staff Spotlight: Dr. Michael Ashnin

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Dr. Michael Ashnin is the son of a nurse. His late wife was a nurse. He is the father of a nurse. And as he put himself through medical school, he too was a nurse. In his family are many medical professionals – nurses, doctors, and dentists. He was born and raised in the medical world. The native of Latvia – a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia – earned his medical degree from the Latvian Medical Academy.

But by 1990, an era of change came to his country, “not so many of them nice.” By then, he had more relatives living in the U.S. than in Latvia, including his maternal uncle, who sponsored his immigration. “Every June 8, I celebrate Michael Ashnin Columbus Day,” he laughed. It’s like my second birthday.”

For five years, he worked at Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, finishing his residency for his U.S. medical degree. He then was a teaching attending physician at Loma Linda.

After a short stint in Bakersfield, a friend invited him to come see Lompoc Hospital, which at that time was at its former site on Hickory Street. He was not impressed by the exterior of the aging building, he admitted. But inside, it was the cleanest facility I had ever worked with,” he said. “It had the best nurses and outstanding surgeons doing stuff of university proportions. I never looked back.”

He remembers his first day visiting Lompoc, with children selling lemonade on street corners and charitable organizations selling barbecues all along H Street. The air was so crisp compared to Bakersfield, he added. “I had a feeling, ‘I’m coming home,’” Dr. Ashnin said. “I love the people I work with. When I had a difficult time personally, they helped me through it. We are a family.”

He chose anesthesiology after working in an intensive care unit when he was a registered nurse. “There is a very strict discipline in the operating room,” he said. “Everything about the OR is different. It makes more sense. There is a clear chain of command.”

Nora Wallace
Written By Nora Wallace, Public Relations
Nora Wallace was previously employed as a newspaper reporter for 25 years at the Santa Barbara News-Press. At LVMC, Nora is also responsible for the hospital volunteers. She is a graduate of Santa Barbara City College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from San Francisco State University.