Staff Spotlight: Mary Vega

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CCC Certified Nursing Assistant Mary Vega has worked 24 years without ever missing a day of work for illness. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering she works a physically and mentally demanding job, and in those years she also adopted her three grandchildren.

Mary started her work at the CCC at a job called “companion,” a classification that no longer exists. She would attend to dementia patients, helping with their meals and other duties. In 1993, Mary took a six-week course provided by the CCC to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

She passed her certification and started her new job a few days later.

“I was scared at first,” she recalled. “I never imagined I could do it. I love it.” She works all throughout the CCC. “I enjoy just being a part of people’s lives and helping take care of them,” says Mary, who raised in Isla Vista.

She has never chosen to go anywhere else to work since coming to the CCC. “It’s a great place,” Mary says. “I help them with their ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). I make them laugh. I love to make them laugh.”

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