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Like many in the healthcare profession, Janet Lopez knew from an early age what she wanted to do as a career. As a little girl, Janet had a pencil box full of alcohol pads, medical supplies, and Band-Aids. When her father had a cut, she would “cure” him and put a Band-Aid on his wound. “I always wanted to be a medical assistant,” says Janet, who holds that job at LVMC: Physician Services. “I always like to help people.”

A 2009 Lompoc High School graduate, she has worked at Physician Services for nine months and has been a Medical Assistant for three years. She works with Physician Assistant Alejandro Torres.

In her job, she helps prepare patients for visits with Torres. She takes vital signs and helps with other tasks.

“It’s a little bit of everything,” she says of the job. “We get to be there for the procedures. The Medical Assistant is involved in the healthcare of a patient.”

Previously, she had worked at a pediatric medical group.

“I love working with P.A. Torres. I have learned a lot working with him. He’s really patient. Most of the stuff he (Torres) does, I wasn’t used to. I am learning a lot of new things.”

The mother of a 6 ½-year-old girl is due with her second child in March.

“Everybody here is helpful,” she says. “If you have a question, they’re willing to help you learn. They’re there for you.”

She’s also thankful her childhood desire came true.

“This has become what I wanted, what I expected,” she said. “I think I met my goal. This is what I was expecting it to be. I just love what I do.”

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