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In just a few years, Mariah Hall has already had a pretty extensive job history at Lompoc Valley Medical Center. Now a Licensed Vocational Nurse at the Comprehensive Care Center, she began considering healthcare as a career when she job shadowed Cardiologist Dr. Khawar Gul, thinking she wanted to learn that specialty as a career.

After graduating Cabrillo High School in 2012, she became a patient attendant in the Emergency Department, which led to a short-term job as an EKG tech at the acute hospital.

In the meantime, she attended Santa Barbara Business College to earn her LVN degree, with expectations that she’ll continue on to earn her registered nursing degree.

“I love the science behind it, learning about the different disease processes and how they affect the body, and what it is we can do on the nursing aspect to either slow down the progression of that disease, or control it,” she says. “That’s why I was so interested in cardiology.”

She’s not sure if she’ll stick with following cardiology, especially after enjoying an OB and labor rotation during her LVN schooling. She may even pursue a future as a nurse practitioner.

Within the next few years, she’d like to finish the next stage of her education. “I love being able to know that what I’m doing is helping someone,” Mariah says. At the CCC, she monitors her patients in the East Wing and communicates to the physician anything noticeable. She uses her assessment skills, she said, to see changes in their health. She helps ensure their social needs are being met and follows up with Certified Nursing Assistants on the personal needs of the residents.

“I love the family setting,” she says. “I love my coworkers. I love all the residents and all their different personalities and stories.” She said it’s an added bonus that sometimes she’s working and able to see her mother, Environmental Services Director Deanna Hall.

Mariah’s job is varied every day. “A lot of these people don’t have family that can visit every day,” she notes. “It’s nice knowing I can be there for these residents that don’t get to see their loved ones every day, and put a smile on their face, keep them in a good mood. I like our family environment here. We all fit together very nicely.”

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