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Environmental Services Floor Technician Micheal Grafton is the kind of worker who enjoys white noise, which is a good thing considering his job.

Micheal -- whose name is ‘Michael’ with a different spelling – has worked for LVMC’s Comprehensive Care Center for 10 years. He started out as a kitchen employee and worked his way quickly into an EVS position.

Reared in the Midwest, he came to the CCC after moving from Athens, Georgia. His mother worked in healthcare facilities such as the CCC as an activities worker, so he was often getting volunteered to help out when he was a child, he recalls.

“I’ve worked in nursing homes and hospitals since I was 15 years old,” Micheal says.

At the CCC, he’s responsible for anything having to do with the floors in the skilled nursing facility, and at LVMC: Physician Services he keeps the carpets clean. He said he finds the white noise of the cleaning machines relaxing.

“The staff is fun and the residents are nice and talkative,” said the father of a 12-year-old daughter.

He jokes that some of the residents like to “hex” him when he’s having to clean hallways and has to temporarily block entrance to where they might like to go. Despite that, he says: “It’s been a nice place to work.”

“We adapt well. When we’re short in one place, someone helps out. We all work together.”

He said he appreciates it when he gets comments about the cleanliness of the CCC floors.

“It’s a constant battle,” he said of keeping the busy facility spotless. “Every day, I find the worst area and start there. And everything evens out.”

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