Protecting Against Cognitive Decline in Seniors

Although there is no cure for cognitive decline, the following preventative measures that you can take to help you keep your wits about you.

March is National Kidney Month

March is National Kidney Month, and the National Kidney Foundation urges people to remember their kidneys for a checkup. The kidneys are two fist-sized organs in your lower back.

seniors making dinner
Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is important throughout your lifespan, but it becomes even more vital as aging occurs. Healthy weight maintenance and increased nutrient intake are key factors in the process of healthy aging.

young man speaking with his doctor
A Rise in Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults

Colorectal cancer cases among young adults are rising in the United States. Though rates are increasing, there is still a misperception that the disease does not affect young adults.

rendering of vein
Tips for DVT Prevention

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can result in severe leg pain and swelling. Still, it may be entirely preventable by following these useful tips.

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Nutrition and Your Immune System 

An overall healthy diet lays the foundation for a strong immune system.

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Learn About Nutrition for a Healthier Lifestyle

The concept of having “good nutrition” does not have to be an all or nothing endeavor. It doesn’t have to be hard. If you make small changes — bit by bit and bite by bite — it adds up to living well and having a positive relationship with food. Nutrition isn’t just for one demographic—food is vital to everyone, no matter our age, creed, or culture, and we can all focus on eating well to feel well.

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Eyelid Surgery Can Repair Bagginess, Improve Sight

As people say, “The eyes are the window to our soul.” However, what happens when that window looks a little aged or tired appearing?

Snoring child
Snoring in Children 

It may be a bit unsettling for parents to hear the sounds of snoring coming from the bedroom of a small child. While there’s often no need to worry about snoring that happens occasionally, parents might want to listen in for more frequent or severe snoring. That can be the sign of a problem and disturbed breathing during your child’s sleep.

February, Game Day
Cheer for Your Team – Safely

If you’re getting ready to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday, be sure to follow simple tips to reduce your chances of getting or spreading COVID-19.

hands suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis
Learn about Rheumatoid Arthritis

Though February 2 is widely known as Groundhog Day, a group of people suffering from autoimmune and inflammatory disease also mark the date. The Rheumatoid Patient Foundation created Rheumatoid Awareness Day on Feb. 2 each year, to raise awareness for the people who daily live with the pain and side effects of the disease.

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Understanding Glaucoma and Your Risk Factors

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness for people older than 60 – but it can often be prevented with early awareness and treatment. Glaucoma damages the eye’s optic nerve when fluid builds up in the front part of the eye. The extra fluid adds pressure in the eye, damaging the optic nerve. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 3 million Americans have glaucoma, and it’s the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. Glaucoma can also occur in one or both eyes.