Da Vinci Robotic System

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Using an advanced Da Vinci Robotic System, LVMC begins a new surgical era for patients.

pt session

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Physical therapy may be combined with medications or used on its own to reduce and treat chronic pain.

ear exam

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Hearing loss can often be easily prevented by wearing earplugs, exercising regularly, using medications properly, and practicing other ear-healthy behaviors.

woman standing on scale

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Excess body weight in the form of fat is linked to an increased risk of chronic illness and chronic pain. However, losing weight can lower the risk of these future outcomes.

Older Woman on couch with doctor

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Alzheimer’s disease has been in the news recently because of a new medication approved by the FDA, but there are many other emerging therapies.

LVMC Community Update

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This week our CEO updates the Lompoc community on COVID-19 and vaccinations, vaccine boosters, and robotic surgeries.

man doctor appointment

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In the US, the National Cancer Institute estimates that 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. For those of African descent, the number is more startling — 1 in 5 men are projected to develop the disease.

woman holding her stomach

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Celiac disease is a digestive immune condition that can drastically affect one’s quality of life. However, once diagnosed, it can be treated and managed with dietary adjustments.

Woman looking at diagram of ovaries

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can cause hormonal changes in a woman, affecting her physical characteristics, ability to become pregnant, and future health outlook.

doctor coming childs hair for lice

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Head lice tends to be extremely common among school-aged children but can often be easily prevented by avoiding direct contact with infected individuals.

pregnant woman taking pills

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Folic acid is a B vitamin that helps support the growth of new cells. It can also help a woman reduce her likelihood of having a child with a serious congenital disability.

older couple jogging together

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Taking the long view of physical exercise can help you live a longer life and avoid physical injury.

Child standing on a scale

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Childhood obesity can often be successfully prevented by implementing healthy lifestyle behaviors, including exercise, nutrition, and quality sleep.


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Successful wellness plans have started to incorporate more holistic programs, such as yoga, to offer more self-guided options for wellness.

diagram of Cholesterol in arteries

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Cholesterol can be confusing. You may hear your primary care physician talk to you about your “cholesterol numbers,” but what do they really mean? And do you know that the foods you eat can change your levels?