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Thomas J. Morales

Thomas J. Morales is a Plant Operations Assistant at LVMC, responsible for pickups of waste such as routine trash, but also biohazards and pharmaceuticals. He was hired in July 2010.

Lompoc Hospital

Apprehension, dread, nervousness, fear, caution, uncomfortable, and worry. These are all too common feelings and emotions among patients entering into their local public hospital. With each entry, there is a long shadowed storyline unknown to the passerby or the receptionist at the desk, logging one of many patients for the day. For some, the entire experience can feel unnatural, clinical, and downright impersonal and, at times, even cold. Such a scenario did not greet me on a cool Wednesday morning at the Lompoc Hospital.

father playing with kids

Being overweight and the reason for it is not as simple as we once thought, it is a lifelong challenge many people face. Weight loss surgery, or Bariatric Surgery, can give someone the tools needed to begin to change their life for the better. A person with severe obesity is at a significantly higher risk of early death, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Weight loss surgery may be the answer a person needs to change their quality of life. 

Patti Field

Registered Nurse Patti Field has been with LVMC since September 1989 and was hired by former Nursing Director Martha Hicks. She is a Perioperative nurse and Charge Nurse for the post-anesthesia care unit. She previously worked for two years in the Emergency Department, working the night shift.

fruit and glucometer

Your physician just told you that you have pre-diabetes, and you’re wondering how – or even if – you can reverse that diagnosis.First of all, you need to understand the pre-diabetes. That term means your blood glucose (sugar) is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. But if it is left untreated, it will develop into Type 2 Diabetes.

Michele Hunt

Michele Hunt was hired in March as the new Activities Director of the Comprehensive Care Center. She has lived on the Central Coast since 1994. Michele earned a Bachelor's degree with a major in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Spanish from the University of Western Ontario. 

Bob Taylor

Before the end of April, longtime Lompoc resident Bob Taylor knew about the Comprehensive Care Center, but had never been inside.

Anabel Quintanar

This year, we are periodically spotlighting its employees who volunteer their time and talents to help our community. Anabel Quintanar, MSN, RN-BC, PHN has been with LVMC since 2004. She first started as a travel nurse for three years. She also worked as an Emergency Department charge nurse before becoming a House Supervisor.