Jim Raggio, CEO

Written by Nora Wallace on in LVMC News

After 20 years leading Lompoc Valley Medical Center as its Chief Executive Officer, Jim Raggio on Thursday announced his retirement. Raggio will end his extensive healthcare career on June 30. He has held the top leadership role for the healthcare district since 1998 and was first employed at Lompoc hospital in 1980. Raggio said in a message to the LVMC Board of Directors that it was with the “utmost sense of pride and gratitude” that he was announcing his retirement.

OB Nurses

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For the second year in a row, Lompoc Valley Medical Center was recognized for surpassing a federal goal aimed at reducing Cesarean births for first-time moms with low-risk pregnancies. LVMC was among the 111 California hospitals that met or surpassed a federal target for that goal, according to the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Written by Lompoc Valley Medical Center on in LVMC News

Congratulations to LVMC Employee of the Quarter Kim Nelson. Kim, a Clinical Informatics Analyst, has worked at LVMC for 10 years. She said when it dawned on her that she was to be the recipient, she wanted to run. “I’m shocked, I’m shaking,” she said, tears in her eyes. “It’s exciting, I’m excited,” she said. “But I just think, we have over 700 employees …they’re so wonderful.”

CCC Staff

Written by Nora Wallace on in LVMC News

Lompoc Valley Medical Center: Comprehensive Care Center (CCC) is offering a free Nursing Assistant Training Program at the skilled nursing facility. This educational effort is a way to give students a diverse and comprehensive education and, if desired, provide a career path to nursing.

 Thao Carey

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Registered Nurse Thao Carey’s parents were so dedicated to education that they encouraged their five daughters to study either math or science in college. Ultimately, two of her sisters became engineers, one is a dentist and the youngest works in public relations.

Sandy Hopkins

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Volunteering seems ingrained in Sandy Hopkins’ life. Though now a grandmother, she recalls being a volunteer before she had her own children. “I wasn’t working,” she recalled. “I felt like giving to somebody else, instead of sitting around the house watching soap operas.”

Child staring anxiously out a window

Written by Ann S. Bockius, MFT on in Health & Wellness

The wildfires, mudslides, and flooding that Santa Barbara County residents have experienced recently have been traumatic and stressful for many. Although Lompoc is removed from the scene by some distance, we all have friends, co-workers and/or family members who have been directly affected.

Eugene Scott

Written by Lompoc Valley Medical Center on in Staff Spotlight

Eugene “Isiah” Scott has been named Employee of the Quarter for the Comprehensive Care Center. Isiah is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has worked at the skilled nursing facility for six months. Director of Nursing Riitta Speer said the team was very impressed with how Isiah presented himself during his employment interview.

Child in hospital bed and Family

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Eight-year-old Lucy Gross was understandably worried about having some minor surgery Friday at Lompoc Valley Medical Center: Hospital.  It was a “very scary” morning for the youngster, who wasn’t sure what to expect, said her mother, Sarah. But when the Lucy arrived at Lompoc Valley Medical Center’s (LVMC) Perioperative Department, she was given a special brightly colored pediatric surgical gown covered with characters from Mario Brothers. 

elderly couple discussing with daughters

Written by Karen Vordale on in Health & Wellness

Most of us spend a lot of time planning. From vacations to our financial future, careful versus haphazard planning can make the difference between a botched vacation and insufficient funds for a timely retirement. In the healthcare world, poor end-of-life care planning may result in pain and suffering for you and your loved ones.  

Mother with Baby Jonah

Written by Nora Wallace on in Patient Stories

Jonah Gustilo was just determined to make an early arrival into the world. The second son of Amber and Ben Gustilo was initially due on Dec. 10, and his parents planned for him to be delivered via a scheduled C-Section at Cottage Hospital on Dec. 4. “He decided he didn’t want to wait,” his mother said.

Faustina Caudillo

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Faustina Caudillo’s role as a caregiver started at a young age, taking care of her grandma. In her early teens, she was there to help ease her elderly grandmother’s transition from life.

Vegetable Soup

Written by Lindsey Arevalos, MHA, MS on in Health & Wellness

Through the years, people have routinely asked me for this recipe. Until now, that’s been a problem – like many of the things I prepare, I have to respond “The recipe is in my head.” When I make this tasty and filling soup, I use whatever I have in my fridge, freezer or cupboards at the time. Then I keep adjusting it until it tastes good.

 New Year

Written by Lindsey Arevalos, MHA, MS on in Health & Wellness

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when many of us make resolutions. There’s no denying that making – and keeping – resolutions is difficult.

It takes courage to let go of the safe and familiar in order to try something new, but I encourage you to take that first step in the direction of something new and different. If you take that chance, there is the potential for amazing possibilities, excitement, and immense pride when you accomplish something you didn’t believe was possible.

Written by Nora Wallace on in LVMC News

The Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC) Board of Directors is seeking to fill a vacancy following the December passing of Board Member Linual White Jr. The board will accept resumes and letters of intent from interested applicants until noon on Jan. 19, 2018. The appointment to fill the vacancy is planned for the Board of Directors’ regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 25.