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Patricia Martinez

In her job as a Medical Assistant at LVMC: Physician Services, Patricia Martinez sees her patients as more than a number or diagnosis on a chart. For the past five years, she’s developed relationships with people coming to receive medical care, watching their children grow up and learning about their lives.

Seniors exercising

As a physical therapist for 30 years, I have heard it all: from, ”I’m too tired to exercise” to “I’m too old to exercise” to “Exercise is for young people,” and more. These excuses are just that -- excuses.

Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Iris Radler

After experiencing minus-45 degree cold in Wisconsin, and searing 122-degree heat in Phoenix, Dr. Iris Radler is looking forward to starting her OB/GYN practice in the more temperate climate of Lompoc.

cna program students

For several weeks this spring, the hard-working Certified Nursing Assistants at the Comprehensive Care Center were followed just about everywhere they went.

Sheila in physical therapy

In the halls of the Comprehensive Care Center, applause and cheers started breaking out as Sheila Holley cruised by with her walker. “Sheila! Look at you!” came the calls and recognition.

evs team

Environmental Services Director Deanna Hall has a saying that exemplifies the direction she gives her staff: “Cleanliness matters.”

Mary Fahning

Mary Fahning is no stranger to broken bones and keeping an active lifestyle. A year ago, the Lompoc resident broke her foot and hiked 150 miles with the injury until she could get to a doctor.

Anabel Quintanar

Anabel Quintanar has been nationally recognized for excellence in nursing by the Veterans Health Administration. It is the highest award for nursing in the VA system and comes after a rigorous review process.