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What Is the Link Between Thyroid Disease and Diabetes?

Written by LVMC Staff on 02/03/2023

Thyroid disease and diabetes are closely linked due to the way both conditions play important roles in metabolism, blood sugar, and insulin. Knowing more about the relationship between thyroid disorders and diabetes can lead to the prevention of one or both conditions and improved quality of life.

9 Ways To Maintain Your Eye Health When You Have Diabetes

Written by LVMC Staff on 12/05/2022

Diabetes can increase your risk for eye and vision problems. This is because high blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels and nerves in the eyes.

10 Easy Ways To Avoid Diabetes-Related Complications

Written by LVMC Staff on 11/21/2022

Foot ulcers, stroke, and cancer are some of the many serious complications associated with diabetes. Fortunately, these and other diabetes-related complications can often be avoided with adequate blood sugar control, exercise, a healthy diet, and other easy methods.

5 Exercises That Can Improve Urinary Incontinence

Written by LVMC Staff on 11/17/2022

Urinary incontinence can be frustrating, embarrassing, and inconvenient. Fortunately, several exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to reduce leakage and other symptoms of this condition.

10 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Written by Family Caregiver Support Network on 11/17/2022

Alzheimer’s disease can sometimes be difficult to spot early due to its slow progression. However, knowing its early signs can lead to early diagnosis and treatment and a greater quality of life.

Options For Smoking Cessation

Written by LVMC Staff on 11/03/2022

People who want to stop smoking have many options if they need treatment—including talk therapy and medications that block the effects of nicotine.

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