Telling the difference between what is expected behaviors and what might be considered as possible signs of a mental illness isn't easy. There is no easy test that can let someone know if there is mental illness or if actions and thoughts might be typical behaviors of a person or the result of a physical illness. This is why it is important to be aware of warning signs.

Mental illnesses are health conditions that disrupt a person’s thoughts, emotions, relationships, and daily functioning. They are associated with distress and diminished capacity to engage in the ordinary activities of daily life. It is important to know that mental illnesses are medical conditions that have nothing to do with a person’s character, intelligence, or willpower. Just as diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas, mental illness is a medical condition due to the brain’s biology.

It is estimated that mental illness affects 1 in 5 adults in America, and that 1 in 24 adults have a serious mental illness. Mental illness does not discriminate; it can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, income, social status, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or background.

Behavioral Health Articles

The following articles pertain to behavioral health and are cultivated from our health and wellnesss blog.

Can ADHD Be Effectively Treated Without Medication?

on October 11, 2022 15:05:30

ADHD medications produce side effects and come with risks like any other medical treatment. Behavior therapy is a proven, effective treatment for ADHD and is ideal for those with this condition who want to avoid taking medications.

8 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress That Also Improve Quality Of Life

on April 13, 2022 00:04:04

Many behaviors that effectively reduce stress can also improve a person’s mood, physical health, and overall quality of life.

Overcoming Emotional Eating

on December 01, 2021 13:39:58

Recognizing emotional eating patterns and finding alternative ways to manage life’s inconveniences can help create healthier eating patterns.

Is It Possible For Parents To Prevent ADHD In Children?

on October 09, 2021 07:01:55

Parents who practice healthy lifestyle behaviors during pregnancy and beyond may be able to reduce their children’s risk for ADHD.

Who Should Be Screened For Depression?

on September 29, 2021 14:18:43

Being screened for depression can connect people with the treatment they need to effectively manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Using EMDR Therapy to Heal 

on July 07, 2021 15:08:51

Prince Harry’s recent discussion of using EMDR to improve his mental health has drawn attention to this therapy.

Getting Help for PTSD

on May 21, 2021 09:39:11

PTSD is no longer considered an issue mainly for the military or first responders. The disorder affects all age groups, and a free app can help families manage PTSD impacts.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

on April 02, 2021 00:20:43

Are you feeling worried or angry? Irritable or depressed? Are you unable to focus? You may find that you are suffering from stress.

ADHD and Its Impact on Remote Learning

on September 29, 2020 13:59:44

Those who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), may know all too well the challenges this condition presents to the learning process. When adding in the unique nature of the remote learning environment that has been imposed...

Toll-free Mental Health Assistance Line Available Statewide

on October 09, 2019 15:43:15

This month includes recognition of World Mental Health Day, a special reminder about global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against the social stigma of mental health.

Children and Older Adults Most at Risk for Suffering Traumatic Brain Injuries

on September 23, 2019 14:15:19

Most people hearing the term “TBI,” or Traumatic Brain Injury, may automatically assume the cause is a catastrophic car collision, or perhaps a fall from a ladder.

Learning Strategies to Prevent Teen Suicide

on September 16, 2019 14:16:51

If you want to prevent suicide, it's important to understand depression. While most of us feel sad or low, sometimes, feelings of depression are longer lasting and often more severe for those experiencing it. 

A Parent’s Guide to Social Media Use for Kids

on August 19, 2019 14:37:27

In their counseling sessions, parents often have questions for me, or other counselors, regarding social media and how it’s affecting their children.

A Brief Overview of PTSD

on November 22, 2017 06:22:15

PTSD is a result of accumulated lifetime stress or a singular triggering event such as experiencing or witnessing something that shocks the moral consciousness. Only a small portion of people who are exposed to a traumatic event develop...