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Lompoc Valley Caregiver Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide and directory to local organizations and resources for caregivers.

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Buyer Beware, Hiring a Caregiver

Hiring caregiver assistance for a loved one in the home is not an easy endeavor. LVMC’s Family Caregiver Support Network offers this guide to suggest some best practices for hiring caregiving assistance,...

Caregivers Preparation for a Trip to the ER

Life as a caregiver involves medications, doctor visits, housekeeping and many other items on a todo list. It may also involve an occasional and nervewracking visit to the Emergency Room. These...

Dementia Behavior Guide

How to Understand and Manage Behavior Outbursts Associated With Dementia Caring for a loved one with dementia creates many challenges for caregivers. People with dementia-related conditions...

Support for the Family

How to figure out if your loved one needs help? Is your loved one unable to manage their own hygiene care? Are you doing their routine homemaking tasks of bills, cleaning, meals, and shopping? Has your loved...

Tips for Caregivers

How to Stay Happy and Healthy As a caregiver, your job is very important. It is equally important to take steps to ensure you are at the peak of your health so that you will be in the best shape to...

Elder Justice

Elder Justice: A Resource Guide for Action. This Resource Guide was created by the Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention Council of Santa Barbara County in association with the Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens, Area Agency on Aging

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Caregiver Community Services

These agencies and valuable services are provided for family caregivers in our community.