Beginning Monday, January 18: All residents within the Lompoc Valley, who are 75+, may receive a vaccination. To request an appointment for vaccination, please call (805) 875-8909 or email When calling or emailing, please leave your name, phone number, and date of birth. You will receive a call from us within three business days to schedule your vaccination appointment. If you are calling for more than one person please provide us with your phone number, and each person’s name and date of birth. Lompoc Health patients do not need to do anything; they will receive a call from their provider’s office to schedule thier appointment.

To make the scheduling process easier for all involved, we are offering the ability to request appointments online. Simply fill in the form available by the button below.

patient receiving a shot in the arm

Vaccination Appointments

To request an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination, please provide your name and phone number. A representative will be calling you back to schedule you.

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Status of COVID-19 Vaccinations

On December 17, LVMC began vaccinating healthcare workers within LVMC and outside of LVMC, as well as CCC residents. To date, approximately 700 healthcare workers and CCC residents have been vaccinated. The 120 LVMC employees who have declined the vaccine may still be vaccinated upon request.

On Wednesday, January 13, LVMC began vaccinating Lompoc Valley residents age 75 and older. By the end of today, approximately 1,000 individauls in this age group will have been vaccinated, and more are scheduled to receive the vaccination.

We initially started with patients of Lompoc Health, since we have the names and phone numbers of the applicable individuals. For these patients, the Primary Care Provider’s Medical Assistant is calling to offer a vaccination appointment. We have contacted approximately half of the approximately 2,700 eligible Lompoc Health patients. Those who have not been contacted yet will be contacted soon.

We have, regrettably, given mixed messages about who is eligible to receive the vaccine. To clarify, all residents within the Lompoc Healthcare District (generically think of it as within the Lompoc Valley), who are 75+, may receive a vaccination, regardless of where they receive their medical care.

LVMC is prepared to continue providing vaccinations until everyone in the Lompoc Valley who wants to be vaccinated is vaccinated. This assumes, or course, that we are provided with an adequate allocation of vaccine. So far, we have received what we have requested, and the County has been very cooperative in meeting our vaccine needs. We expect that to continue indefinitely, unfortunately there are no guarantees.

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is providing vaccinations throughout the County, including in Lompoc. However, the details of how to access vaccinations through the County are still being finalized and will be communicated to the public soon. Other Vaccination Providers, such as Cottage, Marian, Sansum, etc. are in the process of rolling-out their vaccination programs for their respective patients and communities. LVMC is working very closely with the entities mentioned.

After we have offered vaccinations to residents 75+ (according to census data there are about 3,100 individuals 75+), we will continue with the 65+ age group. We expect to complete the 75+ age group in approximately two more weeks.

For the 75+ group, we have so far used the Moderna vaccine (although we will use whichever vaccine we are allotted). We are not aware of any serious adverse reactions to the vaccine among the 1,000 or so individuals who have been vaccinated. The second dose of the vaccine is to be administered 28 days after the first dose. So, in 28 days following January 13, when we begin administering second doses, the pace of new first dose vaccinations will slow.

All counties and healthcare providers are administering their vaccination programs in somewhat different ways. We are all doing it in the way we feel is best for our respective communities and within our respective capabilities. At LVMC, our overriding objective is to get the vaccine in the arms of Lompoc Valley residents as quickly as possible. This is an extremely fluid situation, with no playbook to follow, so your patience is appreciated.

Anyone who has an urgent question, other than to schedule a vaccination appointment, may feel free to email me at I will reply as soon as possible.