Choosing the Comprehensive Care Center

Whether you are researching long-term care for yourself or your loved one, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. At the Comprehensive Care Center (CCC), we offer personalized care plans for long-term care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitative residents.

Our admissions team is trained to provide you with all the information you need to help you make the best decision for yourself or your family member.

Call 805-736-3466 to speak to an admissions coordinator today or check out our resources below, which can help walk you through the process of getting admitted to our facility.

Choosing a Care Setting

Even if you know that it is the right time to transition into senior living, it can be difficult to determine which care setting is appropriate for you or your loved one. Here is a breakdown of the care settings available at the Comprehensive Care Center.

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Long-Term Care

Our long-term care teams work collaboratively to address the unique needs of our residents. We have in-house physical, speech, and occupational therapy services and comprehensive recreational and social programming to appeal to a range of various preferences and levels of engagement.


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Skilled Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Our skilled nursing and post-acute rehabilitation teams are designed to provide high-quality support to our residents who require a higher level of care. Our teams specialize in providing expert clinical care to our residents while preserving dignity and self-respect.


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Living at the Comprehensive Care Center

Life at the Comprehensive Care Center can be exciting and dynamic. Our residents have access to many services and can choose to participate in programs that will help them stay physically, socially, and emotionally engaged with the community.

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Recognizing early signs of dementia and cognitive decline remains critical to connecting older adults with the treatment they need to improve or delay symptoms.

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In the Comprehensive Care Center Activities Department, “Story Time” is an almost daily interactive way to engage residents.