It is natural to feel apprehensive or nervous about discussing a living transition with a loved one. It is often challenging to talk with your loved one about the possibility of leaving their current living situation and transitioning to a new care setting. It may feel like a very unnatural and uncomfortable conversation.

However, approaching the conversation gently and deliberately can positively shape the transition experience for your loved one. You can make the discussion easier by preparing ahead of time.

Research Ahead of Time

The more prepared you are with information, the more confident you will be when you initiate a difficult conversation. When you are researching care facilities, ask questions to make certain that you understand each facility’s level of care and the available services, and their associated costs.

Be Understanding of Each Individual’s Needs

Determining when it is time to move into a senior living facility is highly personal. Families, and the individuals who make up those families, all have different needs and factors that make big decisions.

The factors that one person may rank as integral to a high quality of life may differ from the factors that another person in the same family values, so it is important to consider everyone’s unique perspective.

When Is the Right Time?

Even though moving into a senior living facility is highly personal, it can be helpful to use some common guideposts to assess your loved one’s ability to live independently. As we age, we can accumulate health issues that interfere with our ability to complete daily tasks safely.

When considering whether the time is right to discuss senior living with your loved one, consider the following six essential skills, known as “Activities of Daily Living.”

  1. Can your loved one bathe or shower independently and otherwise maintain their personal hygiene?
  2. Does your loved one have complete bowel and bladder control?
  3. Can your loved one select appropriate clothing and dress independently?
  4. Can your loved one safely walk or transfer from one place to another, like a bed or chair?
  5. Can your loved one eat independently and adequately chew and swallow?
  6. Can your loved one get on and off the toilet and stay clean without assistance?

Need Help?

If you are struggling to talk with your loved one about transitioning to senior living, our experienced team is happy to provide a listening ear and helpful advice. Just give us a call at (805) 736-3466.