CCC Post Acute Rehabilitation

Post Acute Rehabilitation

Rehab: What to Expect

It often happens that when a loved one is hospitalized after a fall , stroke or significant illness, a decision is thrust upon the family to quickly find a skilled nursing facility to accommodate the rehabilitation process. If you choose CCC Post Acute Rehab, know that we empathize with you. We will make the transition as easy as possible for our new patients.

Rehab Timeline

  1. Check In: Our leadership team check in with new patients.

  2. Care Plan: Care Plan meeting is scheduled.

  3. Progress Updates: Family members will be updated with progress.

  4. Hard Work: Tackle challenges with courage and determination.

  5. More Hard Work: Overcome obstacles to become sufficiently independent. 

  6. Return Home: Success! You get to return home.

Our goal is clear rehab to get you home.

Our goal is to get patients to feel like themselves again, by utilizing a combination of advanced nursing and rehabilitation services. This focused combination assures success and a full recovery.

At admission, patients’ needs are evaluated and discharge plans are created. Rehab plans are tailored to each individual, to ensure a safe and speedy transition home. Our comprehensive array of rehabilitation services are instrumental in this process, including a new transitional living kitchen.

We focus on recovery, using state-of-the-art equipment in a pleasing and modern environment. Receiving high level nursing and rehabilitation services after leaving the hospital helps patients grow stronger and more independent before going home. 

Meet Your Recovery Team

Physical Therapist

Address functional mobility, including walking, strengthening, balance, transfer training, endurance and use of adaptive equipment.

Occupational Therapist

Helps increase independence with activities of daily living, including the use of adaptive equipment, endurance training and education in dressing, bathing, grooming, and hygiene.

Speech/Language Pathologist

Works with patients on swallowing skills and safety, speech, language, cognition and writing. 

Restorative Nursing Assistant

Provides help with ambulation, range of motion, strengthening and assistance with eating when patients no longer need the daily skilled services of a licensed therapist.

Visit Our Facility Today!

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Feel free to call us and schedule a tour of our post acute rehab center.

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