Hospital Standard Prices

Lompoc Valley Medical Center is committed to enhancing transparency. Ensuring that Lompoc Valley has access to information that is relevant, timely, useful and accurate. It is our goal that this information enhances your ability to make informed healthcare decisions.

In our continued commitment to transparency, we have posted our standard hospital pricing list. We will update this information at least annually, or more often as appropriate.

These prices are meant to help patients understand their potential financial liability for services obtained through the hospital. The standard price list also enables patients to compare charges for similar services at different hospitals.

Patients should understand, however, that the prices posted are “gross charges” and may not reflect the patient’s total financial responsibility. The prices posted also do not reflect the cost of services that are not directly offered by the hospital. The charges paid by patients are based on many factors, including health insurance coverage negotiations. 

We advise patients to consult with their healthcare insurer or the Lompoc Valley Medical Center Patient Financial Services department for more information.

Standard Price List