Birthing Center

Delivering babies of the Lompoc Valley for more than 70 years, Lompoc Valley Medical Center: Hospital (LVMC) is committed to providing you with personalized care while offering advanced technological resources, medical expertise, and individualized education. The dedicated and caring nursing staff is here to honor your birth plan and your choices. With 6 labor, delivery recovery and postpartum (LDRP) suites and a state of the art Cesarean operating room, our birthing center is prepared to make each birth as comfortable and as safe as possible.


All obstetric patients should pre-register at least 8 to 12 weeks prior to their due date. This will allow the hospital to verify insurance coverage and counsel the patient on various payment options. Validating insurance and billing information prior to the delivery date can reduce a patient’s anxiety upon arrival to the hospital and allow for an easier admission process.

Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum (LDRP) Suites

These single-patient rooms have private bathrooms and are outfitted with all of the amenities to make you feel at home during your stay. Each room is furnished with a sleeper sofa, high definition flat screen television, wireless internet, bathroom bidet, newborn bath sink, and more. What makes LVMC stand out from others in our community is our LDRP suites which allow for every part of care to be done one room: labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum care; without the need to switch rooms. In addition, our goal at LVMC is to prepare you for home as we promote rooming-in for newborns and mothers. Our babies stay close to mom during the entire stay to prepare mothers for discharge and home care.

Our birthing rooms are all single-patient rooms, with private bathrooms and amenities such as a pull-out couch for family members, high-definition flat screen television, wireless internet, rocking chairs, bathroom bidets and more. 

Birthing Center Tours

Expectant mothers and fathers or birthing coaches are invited to tour the Birthing Center at Lompoc Valley Medical Center: Hospital in order to familiarize themselves with our philosophy of family-centered birth. The tour includes information on general hospital policies at the Birthing Center and a sneak-peek of our beautiful LDRP suites. We also encourage these new mothers to come in meet the staff and ask questions regarding our care at LVMC. A more prepared mother has minimized fear and anxiety, and thus creates a better overall labor experience.

Call to schedule a tour at any time by calling 737-3395.

Education and Support

Childbirth Education Class

We offer a Child Birth preparation course at LVMCto help you feel more confident about what to expect prior to, during, and after the labor process. This course covers stages of labor, what labor feels like when to come in, danger signs, procedures, medications and epidurals, and cesarean sections. We also use this time to give basic newborn care instructions, breastfeeding holds and techniques, and answer any questions or concerns for moms or family members. Our experienced Nursing staff offers this course to expectant mothers every month. It is here that patients develop a better understanding of the experience that LVMC provides to the community.

Call (805) 737-3395 to sign up, these classes are offered once a month on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and free of charge to those delivering at LVMC.

In addition ,we offer online tools that take complex medical information and make it simple and easy-to-understand. You can explore these topics by visiting: Learn more about our Online Educational Tools.

Breastfeeding Support

We are proud to say that we have three experienced lactation consultants at LVMC. While staying at LVMC you will be sure to have the help from staff committed to breastfeeding care and support. Also, once discharged LVMC supports breastfeeding by holding a breastfeeding support group every Friday at 10:00 am.

It is here that mothers can come and seek support and guidance on latching difficulties, milk expression, and encouragement from one of our amazing lactation consultants. This group is free of charge and every patient is encouraged to attend.