Patient Resources

Whether you are here as a patient or visitor, we look forward to serving you and delivering the quality health care you expect. We are committed to your comfort and will do everything possible to provide the care you and your loved ones need during your stay.

Local Physicians

Find the right Lompoc doctor for you. Search by specialty, name, location and more.

Online Bill Pay

The fast and easy way to pay your hospital bills conveniently from home.

MyHealth Patient Portal

This online tool gives you the flexibility to access your health information and other resources on your time and between visits to the Lompoc Valley Medical Center.

Lompoc Lifeline

In an emergency, delayed medical care can jeopardize your recovery. If you are alone, you never know how long it’ll be before someone realizes you need help. Help at the push of a button can reduce these risks. So, don’t wait for a fall or medical emergency.

Patient Feedback

As one of our patients, you have the right to express concerns or complaints about your care with the assurance that the quality of your care or future access to care will not be compromised. 

Understanding Your Bill

We want to help you understand your hospital bill and address many questions that are frequently raised. It is our intent to provide you with an accurate bill to understand the hospital services provided. 

Financial Assistance Programs

For patients who do not have insurance coverage, there are alternate funding and payment plan options offered by our hospital. Our hospital staff will work with you to identify the options available to you based on government and hospital rules and regulations.

Medical Records

Privacy is an important issue at Lompoc Valley Medical Center. To help you understand your medical record, we have provided answers to many frequently asked questions. 

Patient Education

You may have questions you think aren’t relevant. You may forget them as you walked out of the doctor's office. Our programs are designed to answer important but often unasked questions.

Receiving Medications Safely at the Hospital

Medication safety means you get the right medicine, the right dose, at the right times.  During your stay at Lompoc Valley Medical Center, your healthcare team has many safeguards in place to make sure this happens.  You can also help ensure that you get medications safely while you’re in the hospital.  The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a non-profit organization devoted to medication error prevention and safe medication use, has created a series of short web articles to help prepare you for your stay with us.    We encourage you to take the time to read the material provided so you have the information to help make sure you or your loved ones get the right medicines the right way.